Friday, 8 February 2013

Spunky burp!

I hadn't seen Jan for a few weeks, something to do with a new man in her life but I was passing hers last night and I thought I'd call in. She took ages to answer the door and looked a little flushed. She still invited me and sent me through to the lounge. I could hear her run up the stairs and speaking to someone I guess it was her new man! Anyhow she brought in a couple of glasses of wine and we got into catching up on everything. I could hear the shower running up stairs but thought nothing of it.

Jan was drinking her wine quicker than me and just as she sipped down the last drop from her glass she burped. At the time I didn't think anything of it, that was until I got a wiff, red wine and spunk! The naughty little bitch, she'd been noshing off her fella when I knocked on the door! Now I understood why she looked so flustered! Before I could ask her, her new fella walked into the lounge,  6ft dark and muscly, a real catch! Jan introduced me to Steve and I couldn't help wondering what he was hiding in his joggers that Jan had been having so much fun with! Robin XXX


J said...

This is not about your blog post, but your twitter account has been sending out spam DM's. Time to change your password.

nmp said...

whatever happened to Robin? We miss you? Hope your all well and happy though!