Monday, 27 September 2010

Weekend Update

Well I know if you read my blog on Friday you'll be waiting to see if I ended up in a messy threesome on Friday night with Steve and Anna. Well.... I'm going to have to disappoint you on this occasion. Yes we had a lovely meal. Yes we did talk about sex for most of the evening. Yes I did fall asleep on the couch before getting to third base after drinking far to much red wine!

Never mind! I didn't get any sex and I got to spend Saturday morning with a banging hang over does the weekend get off to a worse start? I went out on Saturday night to try and put the disaster that was Friday behind me. I was home at 10pm and decided I'd get online for a chat with a few of my online friends. Plenty of fun and it's been a while since that many people have watched me playing with my fav toy online. I orgasmed twice just for good measure and to keep the guys and girls watching happy.

Yesterday was a classic duvet day. I woke up at 3pm did a little work and then went to the pub for the evening. Again I was back home at 10pm and decided to head to bed. I'd been asleep about an hour when my phone rang.

Sophie calling to tell me her boyfriend was having an affair! Who am I to comment! But I gave her some advice and promised to give her a big hug next time we catch up. Watched a little tv and then fell asleep. Back to work today! Steve and Anna telling tales of my drunken dribbling and semi nakedness to my colleagues at work! Oh joy! If only they knew! Robin X


Black Pearl said...

Damn was hoping to live vicariously through you!!

bravo9992 said...

where do you play online robin?

Glasgow said...

Hey Robin I was thinking the same as bravo9992,
I'm back online an looking to have some fun

Geyser said...

So fun, but gotta cultivate some booty calls so a ring-up and you have a long, fat cock stuffing your hungry pussy full of throbbing man-meat and biting your nips till filling your belly with gobs and gobs of sticky, warm cum you can lick off his balls.