Monday, 6 September 2010


Well you probably worked out that my weekend was a alcahole fed orgy of sex and parties from my lack of updates. Sorry... What I can tell you is that I ended up getting well and truely seen too on Friday by friends Simon and Dave.

Threesomes are always fun but these guys were prepared to go the extra mile and who was I to deny them. I ended up in a moaning slippery mess in the back of Simon's car in a dark car park before going back to Dave's.

Back at Dave's the boys treated me like a sex slave. Filling all my holes and even trying to double penetrate my tight little bum! I did tell that it wasn't going to work but that didn't stop them trying! With a little help from a girls best friend Mr Viagra the session went on and on. I limped round the shops on Saturday and headed back to Dave's for another night of hot sweaty sex on Saturday. I spent the day in bed yesterday feeling a little sore! Robin :-)

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