Monday, 1 November 2010

Another week.....

OMG!!!! Another week has flown by! Guess what? I've still not had any sex! Yes that's right despite all those offers online in the real world my pussy has had nothing but a bit of rapidly vibrating plastic to keep it pleasured for yet another week.

I did think about dragging in a couple of the Mum's and Dad's looking out for their kids that knocked at my door last night. I was home alone but that didn't stop me dressing up. I chose a nice little Witches costume (ok I really liked the corset). I've never had so many people knock at my front door! I'd just sit down from one and another would be there. With so many callers and the fact that I've always had a sweet tooth I thought I was going to run out of treats! (and put on 10lbs) As I said I'm sure I could have come up with an alternative for the Mum's and Dads though... Shame I don't have a spell for that!

My friend Cloe called in with her kids and found it odd that I'd dressed up and carved all the pumpkins. I love Halloween it's just a shame that I didn't get to perform any magic. :-)

I'm heading the gym after work to sweat out some frustration! Look out guys I'm always horny when I'm sweating and tonight might just be your lucky night! Robin XXX


Lexander said...

Come on - tell us the truth. What have you caught?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the dryspell, must be a record for you, hope you get some rain soon. You need to have some people on standby who pledge to make themselves available on a moment's notice, would be kind of fun to be on said standby list!

Brandon said...

come across the pond, it's been a year+ for me without more than a handjob. we can be great friends ;)

would love to see a pic/vid of you getting satisfied.

Anonymous said...

damn...wish you were in mine and c's neighborhood. we are always looking for a sexy witch to play with1