Friday, 12 November 2010


Now it's not often that I break one of my rules but for Sasha I'll make and exception! First rule don't date anyone more than 10yrs younger... Sasha is 21. Ok I still get told I don't look 36 but. well!

Second rule - don't be the teacher! Always be the one being taught. Maybe that's my submissive side coming out but when it comes to sex first times or even if you've done it a few times it isn't pretty! So if you want to enjoy it make sure they know what they are doing.

So why did I break two of my rules? Isn't already obvious? Sasha is 21yr old lesbian virgin with a body to die for and a sense of adventure that would give Indiana Jones a run for his money! I won't bore you with the details on how we meet as I can tell that you already want to know more about what we got up too!

I invited Sasha round to mine and within five minutes of her arriving we were both naked on my bed. We'll I opened the door in my dressing gown and nothing else. Her soft skin and her near perfect curves stretched out on my bed, her arms thrashing around as I tonged her tight young, juicy pussy. I could her her whimper as I sucked her clit between my teeth rapping her legs round my head pulling me tight against her pussy. "Oh robin that feels so good!" she moaned as I wedged three fingers inside her squeezing her juices out over my tongue.

She was soaking from the moment I'd pulled her trousers off and now she was dripping all over my duvet. I lapped up her juices and sucked her clit between my teeth again. Looking up her through her neatly trimmed pubes I could see her eyes closed tight and her mouth slightly open. I kissed my was across her stomach and then back to her pussy lapping away I could feel the duvet tighten as she clenched her fists and her first orgasm started to rise. I jabbed my tongue at her shinny little clit and she moaned loudly as floods of juices poured out over my tongue and chin. Flowing down onto the duvet and creating a big wet patch.

I sat up and watch her raise and lower her hips as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her. I lied next to her and reached under the pillow. Pulling one of my toys from under it. I wanted Sasha to experiance more and switching it on I pressed it hard against her clit. She came again and again. Begging me to stop so she could catch her breath. I pushed the vibe up inside her and upped the vibration. She was lifting her bum off the bed and screaming as she orgasmed intensely. I was loving it and had my spare hand playing with my clit. I thought Sasha was going to orgasm for a week when she started to come down.

I pulled the vibe from her pussy and feed it straight into mine. Mixing our juices I was so fucking horny. I straddled Sasha and sat with my pussy inches from her face. Pushing the vibe in and out of my hot pussy. It wasn't long before my own juices were running out over the toy and down my thighs. Sasha pulled out the toy and gripped my bum cheeks trying to pull me onto her face. "MMM come on Robin I've never tasted pussy before" she begged.

I shuffled up the bed and let the tip of her tongue taste me. "Like it?" I asked. Sasha's face said it all. Pulling me so that I was sat right on her hot and horny tongue. She licked me like a pro. She was really hitting the spot and for her first time she seemed hell bent on giving me a good time! I could feel my orgasm building. "MMM lick my pussy again, while I lick yours" she begged. I spun round into the 69 position and lapped away at her pussy. What it didn't bank on was Sasha having a thing for my tight little bum. She was licking from my clit round to my bum hole. Stopping only to jab my now soaking pussy and spit what she licked from that into my bum.

I felt a finger press against my tight ring and it slide easily inside. Sasha licked my pussy and fingered my ass. Of course I returned the favour although I don't think Sasha's little bum has seen as much action as mine not only was she tight but she let out a little squeal as my finger pressed into her.

By now I was well on my way to orgasming hard in Sasha's face. She knew it to. "Cum for me Robin, you fucking bitch" she shouted. Who was I to disappoint this 21yr old lesbian virgin had me with all my years of experience on my knees. Eating out of her hands. (well her pussy and ass). My orgasm burst through me nearly drowning Sasha (poor girl) she didn't know quite what had happened when I opened my flood gates in her face. She didn't disappoint though opening her mouth wide and then licking me clean!

Our fun continued with more toys and more orgasms until Sasha got a call from her mate saying that he was waiting for her at work and didn't she need a lift home. She dressed and left quickly leaving me her skimpy undies as a souvenir and a promise that she'll come and stay the nigh on Friday. I can't wait! Robin :-X


Advizor54 said...

You came back from a long dry spell with two wonderful posts.

I love your stories.

Black Pearl said...

Hey Robin,

Glad to see your back...I'm looking for some input on the subject of swallowing...would you mind stopping over and weighing in?

Lexander said...

You absolutely randy, wonderful, bitch. Love it. x

Anonymous said...

That was a fucking hot story, glad I found your site! Looking forward to reading through your older posts.

1manview said...

I came back just in time for this hot delicious post..