Friday, 14 January 2011

Good Mornin!

To my surprise I'm in a very cheery mood this morning despite the lack of sleep. The couple in the room next to me eventually fell quite, but by then I'd had more than my fair share of my own orgasms. Thinking about I maybe should have knocked on the door and asked if I could have joined in. But the combination of the noises they were making and her climaxing hard to crys of "Oh god I'm cuming" and plenty of grunting on his side really did it for me!

I had a good look round at breakfast but couldn't make my mind up who the couple were. It din't really matter but it would have helped with my own fantasy to see who i was listening too. Right that's enough chatter from me. I've got work to do and my second appointment is waiting! I'll try and get online latter to bring you some more goss! Robin XXX.

1 comment:

Florida Dom said...

Shame you couldn't figure which couple it was. Shame you couldn't ask each woman to scream to see if you recognized the voice. LOL.