Sunday, 9 January 2011

Quick catch up!

I'm going to get an early night but I thought I would give you a quick catch up on the last 24hrs. I hit the town hard again last night and ended up having a great time. I love being fingered on the dance floor. Hot sweaty and very public! When it's another girl with her fingers in your pussy it's just a tad more exciting! Of course I had to return the favour although I waited until we were in the ladies. Locked in the cubicle I wanted to do more than just finger Rochel. Hitching her skirt up and pulling her panties to one side I pushed my tounge into her hot wetness. Her knees buckled and she Leant back against the wall of the cubicle. It wasn't long before her juices were pouring out over my tounge! Rochel orgasmed hard on my face I was swallowing her juices as fast as I could!

Swapping places I hitched my skirt up... My shaved juicy pussy was pulsing as Rochel pushed her tounge hard between my pussy lips. I pulled her head in tight and moaned loudly as she lapped away. I don't know if she did or if it was just her technique but she felt like she had the longest tounge that has ever licked my pussy! As you might expect the orgasm was a biggy, a real screamer! Made all the better by Rochel pushing her index finger into my bum! Dirty girl!

We spen the rest of the evening on the dance floor and I even managed to get a smog from couple of random guys. I wonder if they could taste Rochel on my lips? I was denied a nitty of passion as Rochel had to get a minibus back to Luton. We've swapped numbers and hopefully I'll see her soon! I had a real duvet day today dreaming about what Rochel and i can get up to the next time we meet. Needless to say my fav toy needs some new batteries! Robin :-)x

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