Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sex on a stick.... Well in the woods

Anyone that's followed my blog for a year or more will know the effect that warm sunny weather has on me. We'll if you don't know it gets me HORNY! So it will come as no surprise that this weekend things got a little out of hand.

Today we headed up the park for a BBQ sitting in the sunshine scoffing our burgers we played a few games. I ended up in the woods looking for the ball when Kerry joined me we started searching through the bushes. "Last time I was in a bush like this is was my x’s" I joked.

"He had a bit of a 70's throw back did he" Kelly joked.

I laughed "it was a she actually"

Kelly smiled found the ball and returned to the match.... As the afternoon was drawing to close Kelly asked me if I could help her find something in the woods?

Of course I had no idea what she was looking for a was a fumble and lick... Well no idea until she grabbed me in the woods and told me that she'd hadn't been able to get the thought of me rummaging through her bush out of her head all afternoon. Of course I had no idea that Kelly was bi but then here I was in the woods with her offering it to me on a plate.

In seconds I was pulling at her jeans and sliding my hands into her undies. She was doing the same and seemed to really appreciate that I wasn't wearing any undies as her fingers wedged there way into my pussy. My fingers explored her wetness and oh she was wet and snogging my face off. We didn't have long but Kelly's fingers had my knees shaking in no time as a orgasm ripped through me. Of course I wanted to give her one too and just as she started screaming in my ear she soaked my fingers. Mmmmm

I've got her number and we've arranged to meet again in the week. I can't wait! Robin. Xxx


Advizor54 said...

few things are funner than playing in the great outdoors. I hope you get together again with her, and soon!

MikeCindynJoe said...

Loved the impulsiveness of it!