Wednesday, 6 April 2011

When doing business is a pleasure :)

Today was one of those days at work that have been few and far between of late. I called in to see one of my oldest clients only to find that the business had been sold on. Now normally that would mean an hour or so bringing the new owner up to speed. However, the new owner was in his late 20's dreamy eyes, muscular and tanned. I blustered my way though an introduction before Pete showed me through to his office.

"I'm glad you finally got round to coming to see me. I've heard a lot about you and I'm pleased to say so far it's all true!" he said with a smile.

"So far" I smiled back...

"Well I've heard that..."

"What" I interrupted! I opened my legs slightly and gave him a peak of my stoking tops.

Pete moved to the front of his desk and stood right in front of me. I leaned forward and rubbed his crotch through his trousers. I could feel his cock harden, I unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. Rapping my fingers round his thick shaft I started wanking. Pulling my chair closer I fed his cock into my mouth. Licking the length of his shaft and sucking his cock to the back of my throat.

If groans are anything to go by he was loving it! It wasn't long before be grunted and coated my tonsils in his hot spunk. Mmmmm. I swallowed it all down and managed not to dribble. Pete placed a big (sales) order gave me his number and I headed on my way to my next appointment. I think I'll put Pete on my regular call list! Robin xxx

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Advizor54 said...

Sounds like the new owner will be good for business. ;-)