Monday, 18 April 2011

From being watched to watcher

Those that follow my blog will know that e other day I treated my neighbour to a little show while he watched me sunbathing in my garden. Well yesterday I turned the tables. I was cleaning the roof windows in my house when I realised I could see right into his bedroom. I knew no-one was home as I'd seen them all leave earlier that day.

About an hour later I was washing the windows out the front when he came back with a girl in tow. I finished cleaning the windows and ran up to my loft. Looking out the window I could see my neighbour on the bed with his girlfriend snogging. I watched on.... Soon they were both naked and he was fucking her in the missionary position on his bed. I couldn't resist rubbing my pussy as he pounded away on her. As I expected he didn't last long but his girlfriend didn't seem to mind.

As they lay naked on the bed recovering I realised how wet I'd got and slumped down on a old chair, fingering my pussy to a juicy orgasm, coating my fingers in my sticky love juices. I looked back out of the the window and they were gone. I just caught a glimps of them rounding the corner as his parents pulled up. Little did they know they'd already been caught in the act! Robin X


~Tom~ said...

Catching a scene like that is the best. I used to know a house where the couple would screw by the front window constantly. It wasnt until they moved and contacted me, that I found out they knew I was watching and loved it!

Advizor54 said...

Somehow you have to let him know you enjoyed the show.

JeW said...

haha perhaps you should put a camera to his window from now on and bug his room, you know, for reasearch to see if he improves with time. xD

Kimberly said...

LOL - if people don't want to be caught they should pull those curtains!

Cleo said...

you bad bad girl haha keep up the good work. you could set up a chart and time how long he will last and use him as a scientific experience.

Next time why dont you leave a hint in your

Cleo x

Sean P said...

I am off to Glasgow next month - haven't been back in the UK for awhile, but I don't remember things this saucy!. I hope I can find this much fun!