Monday, 12 September 2011

Gemma and the cat

Sorry to keep you all waiting for my update on the weekend. Friday night was wild I couldn't have imagined that Gemma had such a dirty mind. It nearly all ended before it began when she got back to mine and was allegic to my cat! Fortunately I quickly came up with a plan that saw us take a quick drive out of town and end up in a quiet country lane.

Even as I drove down the lanes Gemma's fingers were wedged inside me exploring my wet folds. I was ready to explode when I pulled the car to a holt. Sliding my seat back and pushing her face down to my soaking crotch. She wasted no time in lapping away at my juicy pussy. Meanwhile I'd unbuttoned her skirt and had my hands on the warm damp crotch of her panties pushing the soft material against her clit.

This made her moan into me pushing me closer to orgasm then my hips thrust off the chair as my first orgasm of the evening ripped through me out of nowhere. I was screaming so loudly and shaking so much that I was glad we were in the middle of of a field and not back at my place. As my orgasm faded I kissed Gemma tasting my juices on her lips, she postitoind her pussy just in front of my and pulled hoer panties to one side. My tounge mapped against her pussy teasing the juices from her folds. God she tasted good!

I lapped at her pussy eager to give her the same pleasure. Little yeps of pleasure were all I needed to hear to know that I was hitting the spot. She was rubbing her clit with her fingers and I'd suck it gently between my teeth to make sure she was kept on thhe edge for as long as possible. She screamed and flooded my mouth with her juices! God she was horny.... She slide sown my body and it was her turn to taste her pussy as she kissed me and rubbed her crotch on my leg sneering her juices up my thy.

I dropped her home and we arrange to meet again on Wednesday,,, This time we are gning to meet at her place. Are the cats days numbered? We'll see I can't wait ti see Gemma again. Robin XxX

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