Friday, 11 July 2008

Holiday Time!!!

Well it’s just over 14 hours until I head off on my hols… I thought I’d just log in and catch up but things are quiet on the site. I’ll be back in just over a week with a banging all over tan and enough stories to keep you reading for months. (If I get the time to type them all up).

I love packing for my hols and I always do my best to travel light – not! I’ve got a big case full and I’ve made sure that I’ve packed a few surprises for any guys all girls I meet out there. I popped into Anne Summers this morning and picked up this beast hopefully there’ll be someone willing enough to give it a go!

Last year I hadn’t even left the airport before my first taste of cock so if you’re off on your hols and heading to Gatwick tonight and see me struggling with my cases then you never know what you might get in return. If I’m as horny as I am now you never know. Catch up with you soon Robin XXX

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