Saturday, 5 July 2008

Hot Gossip

You might be wondering why I’ve just randomly posted part 1 of my night at Sal’s a few weeks ago. It’s been sitting in my drafts for ages waiting for me to get five minutes to finish it and I thought rather than keep it to myself I’d post it up for you all to enjoy. When I’ll get round to part 2 I don’t know…

I’ve had a strange of couple of weeks. Obviously I didn’t take Claire to Sal’s but I think she knew I’d been up to something the following day when I was too sore to make the most of her attention. I tried telling her that I’d just got carried away the night before but she wasn’t having any of it. I did redeem myself though by sending half the night with my tongue in her pussy. I lost count of the orgasms that girl had. I haven’t seen much of her this week as she’s been working to hard. She was supposed to be coming out with me tonight but I’m here on my own hence the time out on the computer to catch up with you lot.

I don’t think I’ll be out late tonight though. I’ve sneaked off to the study while Sam. Claire, Phil and Pete (talk about being a gooseberry) talk “holidays”. Talking of which it’s just over a week till I’m off. I can’t wait. Last year was a blast plenty of Sun, Sea and Sex and I’m expecting more of the same.

I did see one thing that I thought you guys would like this week. Becky at work has been telling me for ages about one of the water cooler guys she’s had her eye on. He came in on Wednesday and apparently he spent a while helping her find some “filters” in the back of his van. She came up to my office with a massive smile on her face pulled a cup from the cooler and spat a mouthful of hot spunk into the bottom of it. Talk about a filthy bitch… dirty cow left it on my desk too. Funnily enough it was gone by the next morning though!

Anyway I’d better get back to the happy couples… Robin XXX

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