Saturday, 21 March 2009

First time fun... Anal

When I was 18 I went on a college trip to the South of France. We were camping for the week and I'd left my boyfriend of the time at home. There was a guy called Shaun on the trip he was older than me and was there to be a chaperon for the guys whilst it was my job to make sure the girls didn't get into trouble. The boys were a right rowdy bunch and he really had his work cut out. I was lucky and had a very well behaved group of girls. We'd spend days do activities and then the evenings we light up a big fire and burn our way through a packet of marsh mellows or three before bunking down for the night.

After one particularly tiring day I decided to go for a walk down the river before dinner. It was a lovely evening and I can still remember the sunset to this day. I rounded a bend in the river and it opened up into a mini lake with a boat house and everything. It was so idyllic. I sat down on the bank of the lake and took in the peace and quite. Shutting my eyes I heard footsteps and Shaun jogged by. I smiled and waved and he stopped. Coming over to speak to me.

He commented on the sunset and asked if this was the first time I'd made it down the river. All the time I could see that he couldn't keep his eyes to himself. I patted the ground next to me and asked him to sit down and watch the sun go down. To my surprise he did. I put my hand on his hot sweaty thy and slid it up toward his crotch. He reached around me and kissed me while my hand found it's way into his shorts. The were soon down round his knees as I treated him to a nice slow handjob. His sweat was soon replaced with precum.

Meanwhile his hand had slid up under my top and was pulling my tit from my bra. He pinched my nipple and it hardened between his fingers. He reached down and pulled my top over my head and unclasped my bra. I pulled his t-shirt off as he started to unbuckle my jeans.

I jumped up and stepped out of them and pulled off my undies. It was still warm so I jumped into the river and swam off from the shore. Shaun dived in and swam out to me. We were skinny dipping!!! I was loving it. We kissed again and Shaun's fingers explored the folds of my pussy I was shuddering with pleasure but it was getting late and the water was freezing. So I swam back to the shore. I pulled on my top scooped up Shaun's clothes and ran towards the boat house.

Shaun chased me over and no sooner had he opened the door to the boat house than I jumped him. Grabbing his cock from behind and kissing his neck. He turned around and pushed me against an old boat. His cock thrusting it's way towards my dripping pussy. He pushed it in and I shivered again he was big.

He quickly built up a rhythm and I was screaming my heart out. Then just as I thought he was going to cum he pulled his cock out of me. He turned me over and started to finger my ass. Pushing my juices around my tight ring. I'd never had anal sex before and I was keen to see what it was going to feel like. Shaun pushed his cock against me slowly, slowly pushing it into my tight bum.

I bit on my lip as it really hurt but once he'd pushed it in and loosened me up it felt amazing. It must have felt good for Shaun too as he didn't last long pumping my bum full of warm spunk.

The rest of the trip was a little awkward. Shaun and I had to try and keep our hands to ourselves and it wasn't until the last night that we made it down to the boat house for a repeat. Yes I let Shaun cum in my bum for a second time...

When I got home I split up with my bf as he was doing my head in. I decided that it wasn't fair to tell him about my holiday romance as he might ask to many questions. There was no way I was going to let my secret out of the bag.

Of course now I have to be in the right mood but I'm easy with anal. Some guys love it other guys don't. I'll always remember my first time skinny dipping and anal and I hope you enjoyed finding out about it? Robin :-x


Ed said...

Awesome fill us in on the rest of your firsts....oh and then reply to my email lol

Carol said...

Nice story. If I'm really into a guy I want to have anal with him, and I like a finger back there a lot. I wish my first time had been as much fun as yours.