Saturday, 21 March 2009


I've just got back from a busy day doing some serious retail therapy with my Mum. With it being Mothers day tomorrow I offered to take her shopping and boy can she shop!

Anyway enough of my day I've been dying to type up my adventures of a few weeks ago down in Newquay. Things did get very messy I think I might have dragged a few of the girls astray. We ended up drinking far too much and as always where there were guys there and a sniff of cock I was off!

Although I'd been kinda seeing Si for a while I decided to let my hair down properly. I ended up kicking Jo out of our shared hotel room and making room for Paul and Gary. I did offer Jo the chance to stay and join the fun. She had know idea what she missed out on.

The guys really took advantage of me and it's been a while since I had quite so much fun. Once the guys got over the whole naked in front of each other thing they couldn't wait to fill every one of my holes. While I treated Si to a blow job to remember Gary was giving my soaking pussy a serious fucking. He was a really rough shag which I don't mind but I was glad when they swapped ends and Si gave me a much genteeler pounding.

Of course I'd lost count of the orgasms by the end of the evening. The girls gave me a right ribbing in the morning! But at the end of the day I didn't care although thanks to Gary I was walking a little funny!

Of course when I told Si what I'd got up too I had some serious making up to do. Because my pussy was so sore I treated him to what he called BJ heaven. I've never sucked anyone cock as much as I sucked Si's. I treated him to a messy bj every time we hooked up, not that I'm one to complain and the Bj fest soon smoothed things over with Si.

Here's a quick pic I got of the girls when they stopped for the loo! Dirty birds! Robin :-X

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mommasboy said...

I love that you're so horny and willing to do something about it!

any chance of a pic of your beautiful pussy or asshole after bareback sex?