Sunday, 29 March 2009


I've had some great e-mails on my last pic. It's great to know that people like checking out my blog and love checking out my pussy... I was SO horny I just had to share it with you and I'm SO glad I did! The thought of you wanting to shove fingers, tongues, cocks in fact a range of things in there has kept me horny all day! Last night was CRAZY too...

I made a real effort and went out to the pub. I had planned on heading on to a club but I ended up chatting to Gail. She'd been stood up (or at least that was her story) anyhow if she had been stood up then his loss was my gain. Gail and I were going to head into town but we ended up back at my place. She was dressed in a white blouse and black mini dress. She looked amazing and I was buzzing with excitment.

She'd obviously been with another woman before but I don't think she was that experienced. So I took the lead... Stripping off and sitting next to her on the arm of my couch. I opened my legs and placed her hand on my thy. Of course it didn't take her long to run her fingers down to my bald pussy. I was practically dripping and once she dipped her finger in my pussy and then pressed it to her lips.

That was it. I slid off the arm of the couch and onto her lap. Kissing her lips and her neck. Licking down to her cleavage and pulling her tits from her top and going to town on her hardening nipples. Gail was moaning and her fingers were pressed deep in my pussy her thumb going crazy on my clit. I pulled at the buttons on her blouse and then lifted her skirt. I could see a damp stain on the crotch of her thong. I ran my tongue down across her stomach grabbing her legs and pulling them wide.

Jabbing my tongue at her dripping pussy... MMMMM she was so wet and she tasted amazing. Lapping away at her little clit and her pussy. She slid to the edge of the couch pulling her knees up to her shoulders. I could lick all the way round now and she loved it. Letting out little squeals of delight.

"Wait right there" I said. Sprinting up to my room and pulling my toy box from under my bed. I grabbed my red vibe and my double ender. I ran back down the stairs. There was Gail on her knees in the middle of my lounge. What a site! I crawled up behind her and slapped her bum. Dribbling onto her pussy I pressed the tip of the double ender against her pussy. I slide easily between her wet lips. I straddled her pushing the other end into my own wet pussy. and began to slide back and forth. We were both screaming and it wasn't long before we both orgasmed hard I kept working the dildo deeper and deeper and then Gail orgasmed again collapsing and pulling the dildo from her. I grabbed her end and licked it clean before feeding Gail my end. What a pair of sluts.

As Gail got her breath back on the floor I sat on the edge of the sofa and stuffed the end of the dildo back into my pussy. My pussy throbbed round it and I scooped a couple of fingers full of juice pressing them into my ass. I then fed the other end of the double ender into my bum. Gail soon sat up taking over working both my holes was really turning her on. It was driving me wild and as Gail rubbed my clit I orgasmed hard my juices flooding from my pussy and the power of my orgasm squeezing the dildo out of my ass. Electric!

Gail and I spent the rest of the evening playing in my bed of course she found my toy box and wanted to experiment with everything. I woke Gail up on Saturday by treating her to a little tongue/pussy action!!! She loved it and didn't leave my place till lunch! Or was that she had me for lunch. Robin XXX


Richard said...

It sounds like you had a very rewarding time.

Jimmy the Saint said...

How can we email you?

Robin said...

my e-mail address is robin(underscore)2398(at) don't foget to use _ and @ in the address though otherwise they won't get through.... Robin :-x

mommasboy said...

You are the best slut on the web.....