Friday, 27 March 2009

Another week gone!

Time is flying by right now... It's been a strange week. Can you ever have too much sex?

Ok that's a stupid question but I sometimes wonder and things are flying along in my life again. There are times when I end up getting comfortable and seeing one guy or girl for too long where as right now I seem to be on a run on one night stands and quick sex with random strangers. I was chatting with a friend the other night and she's always warning me about the randoms.

For me it's the electricity that comes from hardly knowing someone but opening up yourself to them (literally in some cases). The bonus is that most of the times it ends up being a bit of fantasy sex so they'll go that little bit further. First time anal or the chance to blow your load over my tits and face or even in my hair. I find it a thrill getting guys off on what they've always wanted to do but never had chance. Of course the guys come back with "wow your my dream girl" or "why aren't more girls like you" and it can be embarrassing bumping into them again especially if they are with their gf, partner or wife!

The other thing that amazes me and that I'm often asked is if I premeditate the sex that I have. I know I don't but the other day I was thinking about it (yes I was turned on at the time) and I thought that maybe I do.... I must go out looking for sex? Or does sex find me? I wouldn't say that I was overly attractive but I do have an amazing sex drive, is it that which is always getting me in trouble?

Ok, ok maybe my blog is getting a little philosophical but lets take Thursday. I woke up and ended up having a play in the shower. I headed into the office and then out for coffee. I bumped into a guy called Dave, 20mins later Dave and I are back at my place. I treated him to a very messy bj and he fucked me doggy style till I screamed into my pillow. Back to the office and then out with Rach and Sal. I met a guy called Steve in a bar and spent the rest of the evening back at his.

He had some fantasy's that he wanted to live out and who was I to argue... I was in the zone and I've never had a problem playing nurse. The PVC playsuit was a nice touch and I made sure that I dribbled plenty of his hot spunk over my PVC clad tits. It did the trick and after blowing his load it didn't take him long to get hard again and fuck me silly for the second time that day.

Did I go looking. I don't think so. Did sex find me? Of course.

Let me know your thoughts and as it's been a while since I found out what you guys would like to do to me or any burning questions you might have ask away in the comments... Robin :-X


Jimmy the Saint said...

Is there anything you won't do? ;-) Anyway, next time you should tell us about your first black experience.

Geyser said...

I believe there are times where I am in a "state of readiness", where my demeanor, body language, whatever lets on that I am looking for sex, and it makes a HUGE difference. This usually happens to me when on holiday, and I am soon waist deep in hot pussy.

Have you ever been fisted?