Friday, 12 March 2010

Slow day...

Can't really get motivated today in the office. I've decided I'm going home after lunch but the hours aren't exactly wizzing by! I've got an exciting weekend ahead of me. Tonight I'm meeting up with Simon. He's been texting me for weeks and I'm looking forward to what the evening has in store.

He was introduced through a friend and I have no idea if he knows what he's letting himself in for. It's been a few days since I had a hard cock and I'm desperate! I'm horny just thinking about what I'm going to do to Simon when I get him home. In fact he's picking me up from mine and we might no even make it out!

Tomorrow I'm off shopping with the girls. I have been saving but it's time for some retail therapy! I've got my eye on yet another pair of boots! It's all getting a bit Paris Hilton when it comes to shoes in my place but there's plenty of room in the spare room which has become my walk in wardrobe! Not sure what I'm up to tomorrow night but I'm sure I'll end up clubbing somewhere before I lazy day on Sunday! I will of course keep you posted as and when I can! Robin XXX


Mike said...

Sounds exciting indeed! Can't wait to read what happens in all the gory detail! What's the best experience you've ever had? give me a shout up -

ebony panther said...

Simon's a very lucky guy.