Saturday, 6 March 2010

Long time no speak....

Sorry blog fans I hate it when I don't get time to keep you up to speed and it's been way way to long. Things have been good. Work has been mental and I've been on the road far to much. Hotels are great fun and I'm loving living it up on my company expense account but I miss those home comforts. It wouldn't be so bad if the places I was staying in had some night life most of the time I'm propping up the hotel bar on my own or with a few old locals.

That hasn't stopped me from getting plenty of action though and one of the things I love about a job with lots of travel is lots of no strings sex. I know it makes me sound like a right slut but last week I had sex with two guys and we didn't even get on first name terms. I'm sure I'm taking bigger risks but I seem to go through these phases!

I can also let my kinky side take over. I treated Simon to a night of hot anal sex. He'd never been in the back door before and I taut him all the tricks. By the end of the evening his balls were aching and my bum was well and truly banged. It was an int resting 9,30 meeting the following morning I can tell you. I'm just glad I was making the presentation and didn't have to sit down!

Anyhow enough of my adventures for now. I'll try and make it shorter between posts so I can bring you the hot latest. I'm off out tonight with an old friend Clare who's staying the night. I know it's going to get messy! Well it already is, she's dancing round my bedroom in her knicks... God she looks hot. I don't know if we'll make it out of my bedroom?? Robin XXX

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Anonymous said...

MMM... I bet you two had fun?!