Sunday, 30 October 2011

Good girls go bad

Last night I played one of the wildest games in my life. My friend Claire we've been friends for years and shared more than our fair share of adventures. Clare got married to Steve two years ago and since then we've had to tone things down a bit, well Clare has!

Anyhow last night I popped round to enjoy a glass of wine or two while Steve went out with his mates. Of course we chatted about everything from work to sex. Clare could resist teasing me about how big Steve's cock was! Of course by the time I'd finished bringing her up to speed with my latest conquests I think she was a little green with envy.

By the time Steve got home we were sloshed and Clare practically threw herself at her man. Steve had come home with a friend Paul. Paul was staying the night which with me staying too meant that he'd drawn the short straw and was on the couch. However with both of us feeling so horny I already had other ideas!


SarahJ said...

Luv this impromtu scene - tell us more ! Mwaaaah..Sj xx

Glen 2010 said...

Nice! can we have a chat ? what ur e-mail ?