Saturday, 8 October 2011

Party hard!

I'm recovering from a very heavy night and from what I can remember and amazing party! My house is totalled and there are semi naked people all over the place. In my bed on my couch even in my kitchen! Nobody bloody cooked me breakfast though! Not that I would have held it down!

My memory of last night events is hazy to say the least. I can remember spending more than I should in the club and then inviting everyone back to mine when the club shut. What a mistake to make!

On the plus side I do remember sleeping with Gary and that he lived up to his reputation :-) I've got a bit of a sqidgy bum and my pussy feels like its been turned inside out (in a nice way) so I guess I lived up to mine too :-)

I just hope there's no video evidence of what went down. I can remember giving every one a flash of my boobs at the club. I'm sure more stories will come out when the rest of these wasters wake up. Where did i leave those paracetermol? More later Robin XxX

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Anonymous said...

Envious of the man. :D