Friday, 7 October 2011

This months commission cheque just came through!

I always wondered why the guys on commission in our office swanned around like they were made of money. Now I know that they practically were! I've just received a commission cheque for more than I earnt in all of last year! What I'll by with the money I don't know but Iz'm open to suggestions. Gold plated dildo maybe? A night out with a JLS look alike. You know me anything goes! I look forward to hearing your ideaa!

Tonight I'm out on the town I've text the girls and they are all up for it so it's going to go off. I just hope they have the champaigne on ice. The next big question is what to wear and where to go? I just wonder if I can I get to the shops before they all close? I feel a very big shopping spree coming on! Robin XxX

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Kevin Lomax said...

Yeah: go get that expensive sexy dress and shoes! Oh, and show them here on your blog!