Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Gail comes back for seconds

I got back from the Gym last night to find Gail sat on my doorstep. Of course I invited her in and offered her a drink. She followed me into the kitchen and before I really knew what was happening she's pounced on me and was snogging my face off and tugging at my joggers dying to get her hands on my sweaty snatch.

I wasn't going to stop her, I was too busy trying to unbutton her jeans. Soon we were stood in my kitchen snogging with our fingers wedged inside each others wetness. Gail was dripping, I was too after a very steamy session at the gym and the thought of a long warm bath when I got home. Now all I could think of was what I could do to Gail and what she was going to do to me!

I lifted her up onto my worktop and kissed my way up her thy. My tongue just touching her pussy was enough. She grabbed the back of my head and held me tight against her wetness. It was so intense my tongue just lapped away at her clit and her wet pussy sucking away at her juices. Gail was screaming she was going to cum so I pressed her clit with my thumb and pushed her over the edge with my tongue. She nearly slid of the side board she was thrashing around so much! When her pussy stopped throbbing I kissed my way up across her stomach pulling her top off and unclasping her bra, stopping to tease her nipples between my teeth before treating her to a taste of her sexy pussy.

MMM my god it was my turn. Gail pushed me back up onto the worktop and licked down to my hot pussy. I was on fire down there and so wet I just wanted to feel her tongue. I closed my eyes and could feel something hard pressing against my pussy. It felt like a toy so I went with it. I was stretching me but it wasn't uncomfortable and Gail soon took my mind of it by sucking my clit between her teeth. I was thrusting my bum off the worktop to fuck her toy and her tongue. Shouting for her to make me cum. Gail pulled out the toy in my pussy and stabbed at my clit with her tongue that was it. I screamed as a huge orgasm ripped through me.... ooowwweeee!

Gail then pushed the toy back inside me and made me cum again before pressing it to my lips. I knew then that she'd be fucking me with my cucumber. Dirty little bitch. I'd left it on the side after I made my sandwiches that morning and she'd thought it looked to good to miss. Thank god for Morrisons fat cucumbers.

I was so sweaty after all that sex and the gym that I wanted a shower so I dragged Gail upstairs and we stripped and I pushed her in the shower. Of course we couldn't keep our hands off each other and Gail humped the top of my thy and my pussy to yet another leg trembling orgasm. We finally made it my bed at about midnight and it was far to late for Gail to go home so she stayed over.

In fact
she's just sent me a text to say she's still there now and when am I getting home! I think it will be a 4.30pm finish today... I'm dripping already... More later Robin :-)

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