Monday, 12 October 2009


I've been up since five and I've popped out of the office I'm working in to get some breakfast. I past this Internet cafe and thought why not have a coffee and catch up!

As always it's tough to really know where to start. So much to tell you and never enough time to get it all down in my blog! Hopefully you'll have seen my new poll. Ok it's a little risque but I'm in a naughty mood....

This weekends been an odd one. I went out on Friday with Steff to her local. It was good to meet a few of her friends, a guy call Steve kept on buying me drinks and when I suggested we headed into town he was more than up for a party!

Well we never made it to the club. Crossing the park Steve made his move. I was already feeling pretty horny and it's been years since I had sex in a park! It was quick and dirty but Steve really hit the spot. Throwing my skirt up over my back and pulling my knickers down to my knees he bent me over a bench and fucked me.

After that we went back to his and spent the rest of the evening in bed! It's not often a guy will go down on me and lick out his own cum but Steve did! He was rewarded with a big orgasm and a very juicy pussy. Of course all of that tongue action had him in the mood for more and he fucked me slowly building the pace until I wrapped my legs around him and let another orgasm explode round his cock!

We did it all again in the morning and I left his pace at lunch time. When I got home Steff was just coming down stairs.... She'd pulled a guy but I'd just missed him. Last night we planned more of the same but ended up coming home early as no one was out! It wasn't all bad though as Steff did my nails and gave me a pedicure... My toe nails are neat now! But I'm still feeling horny. Robin :-)


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Ate his own creampie....very erotic!

Naughty Lexi said...

I love a guy who's not afraid of a little cum. Sounds like a wonderful bar pickup, which you have more luck with than I do, certainly.

WoodRunner said...

I might be a prude but you are obviously immune to STD and HIV

fasha comeback again said...

Nice blog, i like your blog
follow and link my blog please ;)
love you ^_^

Robin said...

I'm not imune to STD and HIV and very aware of the risks. I make sure I get tested regularly... I do use a condom when I can... I am on the pill so there's no risk there. I know I'm taking a risk but if you read my blog title you see why. Robin :-)

Geyser said...

An acquired taste for me. A long three hour drive with her teasing my cock, balls, ass and nipples while I tried not to crash the car - payback for my teasing her within an inch of her life on ride home from fetching her from the airport.

Stumbled into bed, her on top, she teased until my face went red, then impaled herself with a single plunge. Held still, smart girl, then rocked me viciously. Came loads and loads and loads as she ground my cock deeper and deeper.

When recovered I was still horny, and suggested she slide her sticky wet cunt up my chest and let me eat her pussy clean. Couldn't believe it was me saying so. She was shocked, but then instantly hot, and squatting, her cunt spread wide, my cum dripping into my mouth.

Have to be super in the mood, but a sure-fire gal pleaser. Snowball girls? Turn-a-glop is fair play?