Sunday, 4 October 2009

One of those weeks.....

Sorry... I know things just get juicy on my blog and I go AWOL! It's been one of those weeks for me. Work has been off the hook. On Tuesday morning I got asked if I would go and trouble shoot some issues at one of our biggest clients. Of course this meant a two day stay in Nottingham working from 7am through to 10pm and before dinner and falling into bed. There wasn't time for anything else. I didn't masturbate for two whole days.....! That's how busy I was!

Not surprisingly when I got home on Thursday I was exhausted (and desparate) so I booked Friday off work. I spent most of the day in bed (it all got very messy). I'd had an invite to my friend Jess's party for weeks and as I'd been away I thought I'd drive as I wasn't in a drinking mood. I left home later than I wanted to after spending a little too long choosing what I was going to wear. In the end I wore my new knee length boot's black hold ups a short black skirt and white blouse. It doesn't sounds that impressive but the blouse was tight and with a black bra it really showed off my cleavage. Even though I do say so myself I looked pretty hot!

Jess's party was in full swing. She was holding it at her uncles who works for a big law firm. His house (mansion really) was massive with everything you'd expect pool, gym, cinema the works! There were probably about 100 people so even though the place was big it was pretty full! I quickly realised that this was not the sort of party that I was going to stay sober for. With Jess's offer a room for the night excepted I hit the party hard!

The gym was the disco and there were lots of people dancing and it was all very sweaty despite the air conditioning which sent my nipples into rocket mod! I spent most of the evening in there doing my thing, much the amusement of my friends and some of the other people at the party. Of course the more I drank the more I danced the loser I got on the dance floor. The guys were getting braver too... You know me I was making the most of all the attention and the guys where making the most of the floor show. Well a few of them were doing a little more and I didn't mind rubbing myself against there crotch's and letting them feel up my tits and bum.

Of course I wanted the party to go on all night but at around 2am the dj wound things up and everyone headed home. There were quite a few people staying over and Jess was making sure they all had a room. She'd done pretty well until I came out of the loo (yes Jess it was me that was sick - sorry) and asked her where I was sleeping. She'd forgotten about me! I ended up in one of the spare rooms sharing with a couple. They had the bed and I was on the fold out bed in the corner of the room. I didn't really mind as I was ready to crash!

What I didn't expect was to be woken up an hour later with the couple fucking on the bed. I couldn't see much as it was pretty dark but I could hear the guy grunting away and the girl moaning softly. I rolled over trying to act like I was still asleep. They stopped "Is she still asleep?" The girl asked. "She's out of it!" said the guy obviously keen to get on with the job!

He upped his pace and the volume came down until he grunted hard and she screamed as they orgasmed together. I wasn't too far behind under the covers - So naughty!

When I woke up I rolled over to see the guy pulling on his pants.... I could see why she'd been enjoying herself. He tried to cover up and made his excuses. I just smiled and said "Don't worry I've seen it all before". He blushed. lol. When his girlfriend came in from the shower I knew they'd been at it again. She looked so flushed! I should have made a move but I was caught a little off guard. I dressed had some breakfast. Thanked Jess and drove home. I spent the rest of the morning in bed dreaming about what could/should have been.... Robin :-)x


dark snow said...

wasted a bit?

Advizor said...

I wish I had roommates like that.

Dom Tom said...

Once when I was in high school, my sister had a party. I fell asleep in her bed, and when I woke another sister of mine was in bed next to me fucking my best friend. It was rather exciting, but I was so close to them I couldn't have a wank until later. Kind of strange wanking off to the thought of my best friend fucking my sister, but there it was!