Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I bumped into Sophie yesterday we went to secondary school together and I hadn't seen her for years. She was telling me all about her life since school and we were having a right giggle catching up on who's where and doing what.

She then started reminiscing about school and what we used to get up too. She reminded me of the time when we were about 16 at the Youth Club Christmas Party. I'd put this to the back of my mind but it all came flooding back when she mentioned it.

We were playing around with squirty cream in her kitchen before we went to the party pretending it was cum squirting in our mouths. Squirting more cream/cum into each others mouths and letting it dribble down over our cheeks pretending we just sucked off a hard cock and were a couple of dirty porn stars from her brothers porno's.

Sophi and I often did that sort of thing... Most of it was inspired by her brother Tom's porn collection which we'd spend most of our afternoon finding and looking through before he got home from colledge. It was all pretty innocent really. Later at the party I was playing in the loo with a guy. I think his name was Gary. He was a bit of class stud from what I can remember.

From memory I don't think I'd given a bj before so Gary was my first taste of cock. I wasn't sure what to do at first but Gary soon had his cock hitting the back of my throat it was all very messy with lots of slurping and it wasn't long before he grunted and filled my mouth with warm gooey cum.

Gary slightly embarrassed and he just pulled up his trousers and boxers and left the loos, just as Sophie walked in. I wasn't sure what to do with the hot cum in my mouth, should I spit or swallow? I walked over to Sophie and showed her my hot mouthful. "Fuck Robin is that what I think it is?" She asked. I nodded and dribbled it into the sink in front of her like a long shoe lace. "Dirty fucking bitch!" Sophie smiled, "I can't believe you did that! What was it like?"

I wiped my mouth. "It doesn't taste like cream, But I like it!"

Of course I was the talk of the school through to the Christmas Holidays and even after then I became known as Robin BJ which is what Sophie called me when she left. I've got her mobile and e-mail so hopefully we'll catch up again soon. I'll take some cream! Lol... funny the memories an out of the blue meeting can bring back! Robin :-)

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Anonymous said...

sounds you had a great time together and you will have fun in the future as well... keep us posted, love mike & eva xx