Monday, 26 October 2009

Slippery when wet!

I finally had a day in the office today. Far to much to catch up on having been out of the office so long! There is talk of me borrowing my bosses PA to catch up or even getting my own! How good would that be. Nothing against my bosses but she's in her late 50's and ready for retirement! However bossing around a nice young post grad.....! I'd better stop there.

I had a very interesting weekend. I'll star with Friday night. I had a very entertaining Friday afternoon so I was well up for a party on Friday evening. I went out on Friday without really planning much I had dressed up though and enjoyed all the attention at the pub. Guys were constantly looking at my tits through my t-shirt and I'd warn a pair of very low cut black trousers and my thong was showing over my waist band. There wasn't a lot if it but there was no mistaking how close I was to falling out of these trousers and the guys loved it. I had a tight low cut t-shirt on with 'Slippery When Wet' in big letters across the front in gold sequins. So many guys were asking me if it was slippery yet it actually was! Crazy!

I was on the vodka red bulls and they were going down a treat. Hyper and drunk I love it. I ended up with a group of guys heading down to a club down the road. On the way it all got a bit messy! One of the guys was giggling away about 'slippery when wet' when his mate asked if I was. "Of course I am" I replied. He seemed a little shocked at first but then he walked over.

"Prove it" he said. I laughed and unbuttoned my trousers and pushed his hand against my crotch. His finger pressed the material against my pussy. "She fucking is boys" he shouted.

His finger rubbed at my swelling clit under the damp material. He leaned forward and kissed me as the material pushed deeper into my pussy. "Lets feel" asked his mate. He stepped back and I opened my legs slightly as another finger pressed against my pussy. "Fucking hell, she's dripping" he shouted. "Come and feel how fucking wet she is" he shouted to his mates. They took it in turns to feel up my pussy. By the time the last guy put his finger against my clit it so swollen and I was close to cumming. I moaned softly as his finger rubbed away...

"She's going to fucking cum" he shouted. He wasn't wrong and I orgasmed there in the street with the guys watching on.

"You fucking lucky bastard" shouted his mate..... I pulled up my trousers and linked arms with the guy that had made me cum and his mate. "The night is young guys...." I giggled.

In the club all the guys were dancing round me... I was having far to much fun rubbing myself against their hard on's to worry about anyone else in the club. I saw a couple of my girl friends and they came over and dance with us. Stacy and Clare are a couple of party girls and the guys were loving it. I heard one of the guys ask Stacy if she was 'slippery when wet' too. "Hey that's enough of that I shouted.. waving a finger in his direction". At the end of the evening we spilled out onto the street and the guys offered to walk Stacy, Clare and I home.

On the way home we passed one of the guys flats. Thinking that I didn't want my house trashed I suggested with call in on Simon's house as I needed the loo.... We all bundled into his place and while I went to the loo the others made themselves comfortable in Simon's lounge. By the time I came down the stairs Stacy and Clare were snogging the faces off a couple of the guys and Simon had put on his fav porno on his massive telly.

All to much for me..... "Still slippery Robin?" Asked Simon. Of course I was... Pulling my trousers down round my knees with my knickers I pushed Simon's hand against my pussy. He pushed me onto the back of the couch and spread my legs pushing his face between them. I looked down on the couch and saw Stacy munching down on one of the guys cocks. It was turning into an right fucking orgy.

It wasn't long until Clare was doing the same on her fella hard on and I could see her fella with his hand wedged up her skirt and her knicks pulled to one side. Simon stopped and swapped places with one of his mates while he pulled his cock out and started wanking. Stacy was really slurping away and it wasn't long before her fella grunted and filled Stacy's mouth with hot spunk. Then Clare's fella did the same... "Swap, swap, swap I chanted" of course they obliged. Horny fucking bitches.

I was close to cumming again and all that action set me off. I pulled the guys head tight into my pussy and pushed hard against his tongue yelping as my orgasm ripped through me. I slid down off the chair back and sat on the floor. Unzipping the guy in front of me I wanted to taste some cock too. I could hear Stacy being fucked on the couch. She always been noisy but her fella was a big guy and she was drowning out everything. I didn't care I had a cock to suck... it wasn't long before I was swallowing my first hot load of cum.... mmmm

Clare and Stacy were on all fours on the couch and the guys were taking turns so I joined them and they guys had a choice of three prime pussy's.... Simon's cock pressed against my ring... mmmmm this dirty boy was going to take my asshole. He pressed a little harder and it opened up then sucked his length in. "mmmm fuck my ass" I moaned.

"Who's gonna fuck my ass?" Shouted Stacy.. she soon had a cock in her bum too.

"I feel left out here" said Clare and there we were all having our tight little bottoms filled with cock. Then the guys started cumming. Clare's guy first. The Simon and then the big guy in Stacy. I squeezed Clair's bum cheeks as the spunk dribbled out and Stacy's tongue lapped it up... amazing I was so horny.... we spent the rest of the night swapping and fucking and I left at 7am to get home for 7.30am... Stacy and Clare will still there and still going!... Robin :-)

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