Friday, 13 November 2009

Sarah's Night....

WOW! Where shall I start with last night. I've still got to get my head around what we got up to and I'm not sure my desk is the best place to relive it but here goes!

Sarah sent me a couple more kinky text's in the afternoon so by the time I got home I was horny as ever. I jumped in the shower and it wasn't long before what I hoped would be the first of many leg tremblers was ripping through me as the water ran down over me. I managed to get my composure back and shave my pits and go all the way with my pussy so by the time I got out of the shower my pussy was dripping again!

I pulled on my joggers and a hoody. Not the sexiest of outfits but I hoped that I wouldn't be wearing it for too long and I had nothing underneath it. I cooked up a bowl of pasta and counted down the minutes. Right on 7pm the doorbell rang and I jumped up to open to the door. There was Sarah..... and her friend Beth! "Come in" I stammered showing the two of them through to the lounge.

"Drink anyone" I was hiding my frustration well.

"Please" they both replied and I headed into the kitchen to open my second bottle of wine. I was leaning over into the fridge when Sarah grabbed my by the hips.

"So babe" she said with a smile "What do you think of your treat?"

I looked round the kitchen but could only see the three glasses I'd got out of the cupboard for the wine.

"No silly" laughed Sarah - "BETH, I've brought her for us to play with"

Well my legs nearly gave way there and then. She was a real cutie and I'd thought for a split second how good it would be to be in a Beth and Sarah sandwich. "Get away" I protested.

Looking through into the lounge I could see Beth sat on my couch. "She's really up for it?" Sarah pressed a finger to my lips. "What do you think" I sucked the finger and could taste that familiar twang. MMMMM.

"I've been fingering her tight little pussy on the way here Robin, she's more than up for it now". I gave Sarah a big kiss. Pulling my joggers off I walked into the lounge. I stood in front of Beth naked from the waste down. "Here's your wine babe". Beth looked up with a smile. "Thanks" she said staring at my freshly shaved pussy. "You can touch it if you like" I smiled.

Beth's finger snaked it's way up my thy "you know I've never touched a pussy before Robin" she said with a smile. I felt her finger snake it's way into my folds. "Sarah has told me your a great teacher though" she continued as her finger entered my wetness and touched against my hard throbbing clit. Sarah came up behind me and put her hands on my hips and kissed my neck.

"Delightful isn't it Beth" said Sarah as she pulled my legs apart a little more.

Beth slid to the edge of my couch and licked her way up my thy. Her tongue hit my pussy and the electiricty shot through my body. Sarah held me tight and pulled Beth's face tight against my pussy. She might have been inexperienced but I was loving it and it felt like she knew what she was doing as my pussy pulsed and electricity shot round my body. With Sarah cheering her on Beth upped her pace smiling up at the two of us with my juices smearing her lipstick. As you can imagine it wasn't long before another big O was ripping through me. I collapsed back onto the couch and screamed the place down.

Beth kissed Sarah and Sarah licked her way up my thy to my dripping pussy. As soon as her tongue touched me I was off again thrusting my hips up off the couch. Beth had pulled down Sarah's legging and was licking away at her tight pussy from behind. I could see that Beth had become a pussy monster already and Beth was loving it. Burying her face in my pussy while Beth buried her tongue in her. "She's super horny Robin" shouted Beth with a pussy wet smile on her face.

Beth set Sarah off and she shrieked as her tongue pressed her clit hard and she thrust back against it. It was all to much for me and it set me off again with another big O! I'd had enough of Beth getting all the action so I pulled off my hoody and crawled across the floor naked.

Pushing her onto her back I slid her leggings down over her thigh's. Her nickers were dripping and her pussy was perfectly framed by a neatly trimmed line of blond pubes. "MMMM Sarah, Shall we" I taunted, running a finger down Beth's pubes and pressing it against her juicy pussy. She was SO wet that my finger sunk straight between her lips and into her warm wet pussy. She moaned and bit on her lip. Beth pulled her boots off and her leggings throwing them to one side while I unbuttoned her blouse and took off her bra.

There was Beth lying naked her chest heaving heart pounding her nipples standing to attention. Sarah sucked Beth's big toe between her lips and I sucked on one of her nipples. She moaned louder as my hand spread her thys and my fingers pressed into her wet pussy again. I'm sure it was wetter and warmer than before as my thumb pressed against her clit and kissed my way down her stomach to her pubes.

I flicked my tongue against her clit letting Sarah see everything I was doing. Beth's hips rose up of the floor and Sarah licked her way up Beth's leg to join me. I kissed her and then watched on as she licked away at Beth's dripping pussy. Her moaning quickened and as we took it in turns to lick and suck Beth's clit until her orgasm burst through her and she screamed.

She was still horny as hell so I took her and Sarah's hand and led them upstairs. In my room I'd laid out all of my toys as a surprise for Sarah I never thought that Beth would be there too. We spent the rest of the evening fucking each over silly with my toys.

Sarah is great but Beth is a girl after my own heart and taking as many toys as she could in her pussy and bum for me and Sarah really had us all going. Needless to say I had a full dishwasher this morning (cleaning my toys) and Sarah and Beth are coming round for seconds tonight! Be ready I've got some really kinky stuff in mind. Beth caught me a little off guard last night so I didn't get change to try it. Robin :-)

PS I'm sat here dripping now and I have a meeting at 2pm... Should be fun Rx


Vader said...

Wow that's made me hard. More stories of tonight please Robin. And maybe some pics, if Sarah is up for it. After all she knows about the blog.

Kevin Lomax said...

As you told me Robin: reading this post gave me a hard one. I hold you responsible to finish the job - my job, that is ;-)

Andy said...


That was unexpected!

BlueEyes69 said...

When do I get to cum visit?


phallatio said...

If you need someone to take photos, just let me know!

Anonymous said...

Wow, very hot post.

Suze said...

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