Monday, 30 November 2009


I know, I know... I've been getting so much grief for the lack of updates it's crazy! I'd love to have a good excuse.. and maybe this update will explain, things have just been flat out!

First up I have an update on my mysterious texting pee fetish friend. I woke up to a message at 7am on Friday. "What are you doing tonight Robin???"

I recognised the number and text'd back. "Not sure what have you got in mind? Something warm and wet I take it?"

Within seconds another text came through "mmmm your reading my mind, I'll pick you up after work I'll meet you outside the office and I'll be in a ......"

Now I'm sure for most of you alarm bells would be ringing. My twisted mind meant that I couldn't resit starting the day with a quick play at the thought of meeting some random stranger that evening. Needless to say I was late for work (again!) and back in the loo at lunch time as I just couldn't get the thought of what I might get up to later out of my mind!

Leaving the office I could see a car parked up across the road. I wandered over and saw a cute looking girl in her early 20's behind the wheel. She waved, opened the window and told me to jump in. "Hi I'm Rachel, I'm glad you were up for meeting" she said with a smile.

I'm not often lost for words but Rachel's confidence had me stumped. She obviously knew who I was she knew what I looked like and she knew where I worked... Too good to be true I guess we were about to find out.

"Where are we off to then Rachel?" I enquired.

"I've booked a room at the Travel Lodge I thought we go straight there" Rachel replied. Grabbing my hand and placing it on her thy. Her flesh was warm and clammy and I couldn't resist sliding my hand a little further up her thy. The tip of my finger tickled her pubes and I realised that she wasn't wearing any undies. The tingle between my legs turned up a notch as she pressed my hand hard against her pussy. My finger sliding through her wetness as she growned!

I rubbed her clit as we pulled up in the hotel car park. Rachel stopped the car and learnt forward to give me kiss... "Enough of that you naughty girl - lets get a room!". She said breathlessly.

Flying through reception we bundled into the lift. Rachel pinned me in the corner and kissed me again her hands grabbing at my bum and crotch the lift door opened and we stumbled out and down the corridor and into her room.

I don't think the door had clicked shut before Rachel was tugging off my clothes and I was doing the same to her. We fell on the bed and I kissed my way up her thy. Rachel rolled onto her back and lifter her legs up and over my shoulders. She was so wet that I just lapped away at her juicies and it wasn't long before she was screaming the place down. Of course I was in the flow and in no mood to stop. Banging my pussy against her's as she orgasmed her pussy thrusting up off the bed to meet mine.

Rachel was breathless she took me by the hand and led me through to the bathroom. She climbed in the bath and lied back. "Well Robin will you do me the honour?" she asked.

Of course I didn't need asking twice and jumped into the bath. I rubbed my pussy and pressed my juicy finger to Rachel's lips. Then I could feel my pee building. I squated just inches from her face and as she licked her lips I started peeing. Rachel loved it as my piss showed down over her and she opened her mouth to taste my warm pee as it sprayed out over her face and started to pool in the bottom of the bath. I tried not to pee all afternoon so there was plenty in me and Rachel lapped it all up.

As I squeezed the last squirt out over her tounge she pressed it against my dripping pussy and I slipped back into the bath.... Sliding down into my pee. Rachel didn't care and with her tounge wedged deep in my pussy she licked me harder and harder and harder until I orgasmed hard on her tounge splashing around in my pee..... I lay on my back breathless with Rachel slowly fingering my juices across my clit. "Robin, could I?" I'd never really been turned on by pee play and I'd certainly never seen myself as someone that would be. But with Rachel standing legs spread I knew I couldn't really say no.

She straddled me and rubbed at her pussy smilling down at me. The the first warm jet of pee sprayed out splashing off my cheeck. I kept my mouth shut as the warm torrent of pee rained down over me. Rachel was rubbing her clit as she pee'd which strenghend the power of the jet and sent it over my head spraying hard against the wall. As much as I was hoping it wouldn't do anything for me I was feeling horny again and reached out to press a finger against Rachel's pussy as the wee stopped.

I pulled her in close and lapped away at her pussy and savoured the taste of her juices and warm pee.... A combination that I realised I was more familiar with than I might have first thought! Rachel was soon orgasming hard on my tongue her warm juices flooding my mouth as her pussy tightened round my probing tongue......

We shared a warm shower before spending the rest of the evening back on the bed. I think we felt asleep at about 2am and I woke up at 8am with Rachel lapping between my legs is there a better way to wake up. Well aside from taking another pee on Rach before some more hot shower sex. We had to check out by 10am and she dropped me home. I've pencilled her in for next Friday... I can't wait!!! Robin :-)

Ps - I hope you like the pic... I did promise Rachel I wouldn't post it but what the hell... This is a little souvenir I got on my I-phone... Enjoy!


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...


You really turn me on O_O.

Pee on you,

relevent married guy said...

Welcome were missed sexy!

phallatio said...

God, that has made me so hard!!

ianuk74 said...

Thats the best blog entry I've read since Miss I of Seduction of Infedility gave up writing 6 months ago.

Thats hot Robin, instant wood for me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, nice to see you back, what a turn -on

Raphael said...

WoW, that was well worth the wait. And graphics too! Robin, you are such a hot little number. I wanted to say slut (in a good way) but didn't want to offend.

Please don't be offended.

Sexy Sixty said...

New reader here today, wow, that was a good read to! Never been into pee play either, but stories like this one make me wonder...

Sheen V said...

Luv that picture!

Kara and Jessica said...


Lex said...

but "is she filthy"!

I love your blog!

Aaran Aardvark said...

I wish I had been there, my mouth is watering