Thursday, 12 November 2009


I'm glad you like the pic... 300 followers wow... Who'd have thought it!

I can't concentrate today... Sarah is coming over tonight! She's text to say she'll be there at 7pm and I can wait. I'm driving myself wild with the fantasies in my mind. There's so many things I want to do to her. As she's only just exploring I don't want to put her off but I just want to explore her limits.

Any suggestions guys? I'm of course up for anything and promise to report back on how I get on!

Roll on 7pm I'm dripping just thinking about it and I've got a 3pm meeting! If I'm quick I might just be able to relieve the tension in the ladies before my client gets here. Robin :-)


phallatio said...

I think you should ask her what she's never done before but is dying to try!

Vader said...

What about blogging as you get licked out. That would be interesting.