Saturday, 19 December 2009

Stuffed like a turkey....

I'm just getting ready to head out to yet another party. That will be my 10th and I'm looking forward to this one the most. It's a very posh do at a big manor house (I just hope the Marquee is nice and warm as there's a lot of snow here).

I'm being picked up by a Taxi at 8.30 for a short ride and then it's Limo time! No idea what we are travelling in but I've been told not to be late! I've got my posh dress on and the most expensive underwear I own! Although what I was thinking when I brought these skimpy sexy little things I have no idea! I'll let you know if they work their magic.

I've been making good on my promise. On Thursday I party hard at one of our suppliers Christmas parties. Yes the old photocopier got a treat and then Fran from accounts did too when I tonged her to orgasm as she straddled the photo copier! I don't know what it is with giving me a lift home but this time it was Stu's lucky night. He'd been flirting all night so when we pulled up at mine I invited him in for a coffee. No sooner had my front door closed than we were up the stairs and on my bed. Stu wasted no time in getting my clothes off and I frantically unbuttoned his trousers to free his rapidly hardening cock. After licking from balls to tip I lied back and rapped my legs round his back.

I was so wet his cock slide easily inside me and Stu's pounding took me closer to an orgasm with every thrust. Boom my orgasm took hold and Stu kept pounding. Orgasm number two and then just as I thought Stu wasn't going to cum he exploded deep inside me setting me off for orgasm number three. He was hard as soon as I had my breath back and he spun me onto all fours. Pressing a thumb against my tight ring he soon replaced that with his cock and started to pound my ass I was screaming the place down and buried my face in my pillow as Stu buried his cock and started cuming.

He couldn't stay as he had to get home for an appointment in the morning but what a night! Robin X

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