Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Party Update... Full Swwwing!

The days just roll into one... It's been a non stop party this week. I'm getting worried as if you are what you eat then I'm going to become a penis! I've lost count (ok that makes me sound like a real slut) of the number of BJ's I've given this year already. Surprisingly things haven't progressed much further I'll have to work on that over the next few days so I can bring you some really juicy gossip.

I've just rolled in from another party with a messy ending. I know you all love it when you get it live. I can still taste the spunk on my lips! Paul a 22yr old office junior at another of my big clients has just dropped me home. His boss asked if he'd do it as a favour and he was so lovely on the way back and one thing led to another.

I kissed him and his hand slid straight up my skirt when we stopped and you can imagine his delight when he found I wasn't wearing any undies and was dripping wet. He slipped a couple of fingers into me while I unbuttoned his trousers and wanked his rapidly hardening cock. I treated him to a real sloppy BJ and swallowed down his hot spunk as a treat. Kissed him goodbye gave him a cheeky flash and walked into my house. Fired up the computer and brought you the latest. I bet I'll be the talk of his office tomorrow. I'm heading to bed with a wet pussy that's moments from orgasm.

Talking of juicy Rachel I ended up at Rachel's house on Friday. Things started off ok and then everything went a little to far. I'd love to tell you more but I'm still trying to get over it myself and I'm not quite ready to relive what happened. Needless to say that I don't think I'll be seeing her again for a while. She's been texting me all week asking what's wrong, how do you tell someone they are? Robin :-)


Cheshire Cat said...

Tell them the truth. Things got outta hand and you're steping back. If she doesn't like it then.... Wait I think she reads this blog right??

P.S. This Yank would cross the Atlantic to play with you.


Tell Rachael the truth...the truth is always the best way to go!

ianuk74 said...

What was the problem? I loved your stories with Racheal. Did she push you too far? (I didn't think that would be possible babe)