Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Poll Results......

I voted Yes I would you be up for a group sex session with you and I'm...

A straight make
74 (74%)
A bi male
12 (12%)
A gay male
0 (0%)
Straight female (just wanting sex with guys with other females there)
3 (3%)
Straight Female (willing to experiment)
2 (2%)
Female (anything goes)
8 (8%)

Votes so far: 99
Poll closed

Looks like we could have some real fun... Still can't imagine 74 guys all waiting in line... Yum Yum... All that hot cock just for me! Ladies at least there's a few of you out there up for some fun. Let's get together in the New Year... As they say! Watch this space! Robin :-)


nottitang said...

Hi Robin.. just too bad i'm in SG.. :(

Hope u have fun ya ! :P

King Priam said...

Like following your blog ---- happy NY

Ed said...

Looking forward to it!!

LeWhippingBoy said...

I missed the poll, but would totally volunteer to stand in line.

Sultrily said...

I missed the poll to..
add one more guy ;)

dknypg83 said...

hi, i'm a new follower... and wow, congrats on the results!! u can safely say 74% of the world's male is after u!! :P keep it up!! cheers...