Sunday, 20 February 2011

Catching up....

It's a shame but it's always my blog I get round to updating last at the mo. As hard as I try life seems to be getting in the way. Take today for example I work up around one o'clock dressed and headed down to the gym for a work out and swim. I caught up with Kate and we sweated our way round the stations in the pool and then put in a few lengths of the pool (whilst admiring the life guards).

I popped back to Kates for some dinner and I've just got home. Just enough time to say hi and let you know that I've not disappeared of the face of the earth :-)

I've still not worked out where the underwear in my bed came from but I have recieved s few text over the last week. "I'm watching you sexy!" now I'm hoping that this is just another admirer rather than a stalker but I guess time will tell? If your reading this let me who y are. I'm sure I'd let you do more than just watch! Robin XXX


Geyser said...

Being your stalker would be excellent duty, but you'd be walking funny all the time from all the attention your lovely pussy and ass would be getting.

Those panties smell like anyone you know?

Lexander said...

Oh dear me. You live too far away and too young. No matter - still love you. x

glosterdave said...

A courteous stalker would eventually make themselves known. If nothing else to get closer to you

Dave x