Thursday, 3 February 2011


I'm still laughing to myself about last nights little vouyer session in the car park. I told the story at work and they couldn't believe it. Lol as I've said before I have no idea why this happens to me. I blaim my ora I must just shout "I up for it!" without even knowing. It was great to hear some of your tales and I love it when a blog post stirrs up a memory or makes you think.

One of the guys in the office told me a tale about being out on him bike in the woods and a passing a couple. The girl was giving the guy a BJ up against a tree. He couldn't believe is eyes so rode back to make sure. The second time past he as in no doubt what the couple were up too! Nice! LOL right back to work! Robin ;-)


Anonymous said...

Lucky guy. My ex only gave me hand jobs in the car at isolated hdb carparks. ;)

Squiffy said...

You were telling the story at work?

You've mentioned before that phone sex doesn't really do it for you. But you obviously enjoy the written word, and going by your own blog posts you are very good at writing about your experiences.

But do you ever read stories from others? How about a competition for your readers to submit their own original (and not copied from cliterati!) stories, and the winner gets a date with you? ;-)