Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stalker Update

More text's this week! Still no clue as to who it is that wants a piece of me? I'm hoping they'll pluck up the courage to come out and declare their enfactution for me! more than anything I'm getting desparate for a good seeing too and the thought of them dreaming of fucking me is driving me WILD!

They must be closing in as they have sent me a few e-mails this week. There was an attachent too. Here was I thinking that I was going to get a glimpse of my stalker and all they had sent me were some pics they'd downloaded from an adult site. They just made me all the wetter!

Tomorrow I'm out of the office all day I've booked in for some important meetings. So wish me luck this months bonus is riding on it. Oh and if you're my stalker pull your finger out and let's get on with it!?! Robin XXX

1 comment:

glosterdave said...

I had no idea my dirty thoughts would actually result in texts and emails! I'd claim responsibility but I don't know your mobile number, so it can't be me. I'll keep dreaming...