Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dark corners

No don't worry I'm not about to go all deep and meaningful on you I thought you'd like to know wht I saw when leaving the gym tonight. Is was very busy in the car park when I arrived so I ended up in the overspill car park out the back of the centre. I didn't give the fact that I'd be walking across a dark carpark a second thought as I walked to the gym but as I was one of the last to leave the car park was empty.

I walked across to my car which was parked next to the only other car in the car park. As I got closer I thought I could see someone sat in the car next to mine. Again I didn't give it a second thought. As I got closer I could see a man sat in the passenger seat. Then as I went to get in my car a head popped up from his lap! Oh yes she was giving him a front seat bj and I'd caught them in the act or just after the act judging by the way she was wiping his spunk from her chin :-) It's a shame the lights were so bad. I got in looked over as the couple straightened themselves up. For a moment my mind wandered and I caught myself in a dirty car park threesome! But that's my fantasy for the evening and so for a second night in a row I've come home to play with my toys! With a dripping pussy (honestly I didn't touch myself before I got home) I'm horny as hell! God I need sex! Robin XXX


Advizor54 said...

That is the best story I've heard all day. I love the bravery of the couple, doing it so close to another car.

I was out running one night and saw my friend sitting alone in his car. I waved as I passed his house and he waved back. I turned around 500 meters later and started the run back home. When I saw him the next time, his girlfriend was at his side.

Since I was only 16 I didn't understand, but literally, 2 years later, the memory came back and I laughed out loud in the middle of a history lecture. I realized exactly what she was doing.....

Siren in Stilettos said...

Lol. It wasn't me! :o)

Libidinous Man said...

Mmmmmm a carpark threesome. If only you came upon V and I during one of our parking lot sessions. I wonder how one approaches a couple in those circumstances.

surfer27x said...

Wow that is amazingly sexy. I would give anything to come and take care of you other than you having to use your fav toys to do the job of taking care of you dripping vag.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned in the other post, my ex gives me hand jobs only in the car...although if she gives me'll be much easier cleaning up...;)

Geyser said...

A gf once flew 3,000 miles to see me on a long weekend with her pussy stuffed with a rabbit I'd bought for her. My request. Not allowed to cum either. She was delirious upon arriving at the gate. Whole airport stank of her drooling pussy.

Teased her at baggage claim, rubbing her ass and nipples, and reaching under her skirt and discretely turning on the rabbit until her face twisted into a mask of aching need.

Made it to the car, parked in a remote upper level, whereupon she ripped open my pants and deep throated me to the balls, but wouldn't let me cum. Had to drive 30 miles home at the edge of sanity.

As the garage door was closing behind us, she ripped the rabbit out of her throbbing pussy and mounted me. Face to face, locked in a blazing stare, I came, flooding her pussy with oceans of hot cum.

She rammed herself down on my gushing cock, shuttered violently, grinding her flooding pussy down harder and harder until my cock was bruising her aching pussy, drenching my swollen balls as she sprayed cum all over my soaked groin.

In my ringing ears she whispered "Payback's a bitch baby". Miss that girl!