Monday, 28 September 2009

Back in the office...

Back to work today... Chelsea didn't make it back to mine over the weekend. She did text me though "Hi hun, I can't make it over! BF has squeezed a confession out of me. I had to tell him I about staying at your place. Thankfully that's all for now! He's horny as fuck though as I told him I'd stay at his last night. I'm not sure my pussy can take his cock. Thanks again hun, see you Monday Chelsx".

So that was it. Luckily (as you'll know from my blog) the memories were pretty fresh and so were Chelsea's juices on my toys (and my bed) so I spent most of Sunday playing with myself. Needless to say my pussy was a little tender when I woke up this morning.

Chelsea rolled into the office at 9am with a little wink. By 10am she's sent me an e-mail. "Meet me in the ladies in 10mins" I was there in 9 I can tell you. Chelsea walked in and we were kissing and fumbling through each others clothes in seconds. I licked Chelsea's pussy until she orgasmed on my tongue and she treated me to a gentle licking before sucking my clit as I bit on my lip while a real leg trembler ripped through me.

Next we were back in the office. Working away like nothing had happened! I'm loving it. Last weeks fantasy is this weeks reality. Right now I sat at home ready for bed already dreaming of Chelsea. I can't wait to get to the office tomorrow! Robin :-)x



Robin, great post...Chelsea sounds like a grat catch!

dark snow said...

haha great!!

mikelle said...

Hello friend. Good day to you. :)