Sunday, 17 January 2010

Quick weekend update.

It's been a busy weekend.

It all started Friday lunchtime when I hooked up with S one of my 'fuckbuddies' for a drink. He was in town on business and sandwiches were the last thing on his menu! He picked me up from outside the office and we drove to the outskirts of town. My fingers were covered in precum by the time we pulled up in the lay by and I couldn't waste to get S's cock in my mouth. I rapped my hot lips round his knob and sucked hard. His hand slid down the back of my skirt and a finger touched on my tight little bum hole.

I pulled down his trousers and straddled his crotch trying not to break my back on the steering wheel. S slid the seat back and sunk down on his hard shaft. I was dripping wet and screaming with pleasure. Bouncing on S's cock he braced himself against the steering wheel and started pumping my hot pussy full of spunk! MMMMM I climbed back into the passenger seat and straightened myself up. S ran me back to the office and I tried not to look like I'd just been fucked bandy in the front of a BMW in my lunch break.

I rushed home from work had a bath and changed. Short skirt, tight t-shirt and my best bra and undies. Party time! The evening started slow. Jo and I gave up on a couple of places before finding somewhere with more than 10 people! A couple of guys got chatting with us, 20min later we were back at Jo's. No more than 10 mins later than I'm on my knees with Gary's cock in my mouth as Jo and Paul do the same across her living room. No prizes for guessing what went down from there. Needless to say Gary and Paul mates will be a little gutted they didn't make it out on Friday night!

I stayed over at Jo's and we spent most of Saturday shopping. I spent far to much money and ate to much. We headed out for an evening meal and another night on the pull. Jo didn't waste any time hooking up with a bunch of guys on a stag do. She disappeared and came back licking her lips (and they say I'm the sex addict). Of course I wasn't about to be outdone so I dragged the stag off to the dance floor and treated him to little dirty dancing. I think I went a bit to far when I flipped my skirt up my back and ground hard against his leg and crotch (he had such a hardon it pushed my panties up my bum). He held on so tight I'm sure he was cumming hard in his pants! Not the first time that evening I'm sure.

The guys headed off to the strip club and Jo and I headed to the bar. Pete and Sean spent the rest of the evening making sure Jo and I were well and truly sozzled before inviting us back to their hotel! Of course the promise of more drink from the mini bar sealed it. The guys talked us into a little girl on girl action and I made Jo cum sucking on her toes. I don't think the boys had seen a real orgasm before as they didn't say anything as she pulsed away on the bed. lol. By the end of our little show the guys had their cocks out and were wanking away. I needed cock and Jo watched on as I double timed the boys.

Sean pushed Jo back on the bed and fed her his short fat cock and Pete pushed me onto all fours perfect for watching Jo and Sean on the bed and took me from behind. My bj must have been good as neither guy lasted long. Pete was the first to unload his heavy nuts deep inside Jo then Sean grunted and I felt his cock push a hot load inside me.

More partner swapping and plenty of hot sex (including anal for those that are interested) before we collapsed on the bed. I woke up at 9am to find Jo next to me and no sign of the guys. A scribbled note read. "Thanks girls drop us a text see you next time we are in town (with their mobile numbers and e-mails)! Pete and Sean".

We headed back to my place to clean up and shared a shower. More shopping out for a drink and home. I've just had a warm bath (a very relaxing orgasm) and I'm ready for bed! What a weekend! Robin X


$ebasKing said...

nice!!! wish i was the one fucking u and ur friend

Hopelessly In Love said...

ooh how I envy youth and its eternal energy... very nice, stirred things here just reading. said...
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