Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Over to you - Part 1 Advizor

Thanks for the questions... Here's part 1. I'll get to the others later when I have a mo!

1 - Have you ever been disciplined at work for sexual activity?

At my old job I was given a warning for leaving a juicy bum print and undies on the MD's desk! A little embarrassing considering it was her son who'd been shagging me when I left it there. I still don't know who told her it was me but I bet it wasn't her son!

2 - Have you ever had a sexual harassment complaint filed against you for your "enthusiasm" at work?

No. I always make sure I'm in the HR departments good books. "Robin's flirting is harmless" is what they usually say.

3 - What sexual experience do you regret the most?

I was fronted up by an ex of one of my one night stands. She ranted at me in tears about how I'd ruined her and her kids lives and I should keep my slutty claws to myself. Her Ex was a shit shag so I've always regretted that one.

I shiver when I think how far Rachel made me go. I don't like talking about it and I'm not sure I'd do that again.

4 - What is your technique for anal sex? What is your favorite position for anal play?

I love anal sex. Plenty of lube or get me in the right mood and my juices will do the rest. I'm up for a little experimentation when it comes to positions. I haven't found one I don't like.

5 - Have you ever considered posting videos of yourself masturbating for your fans?

Yes, Maybe one drunk evening you'll get what your after.

6 - Describe the perfect fuck? Have you experienced it yet?

I've had many perfect fuck's. Just as I think Ive had the best someone comes along and takes it to a whole new level. Right now I'm really into group sex I found that I've got such an appetite for sex multiple lovers really hit the spot!

7 - Which actress/model/singer/celebrity would you most want to have oral/vaginal/anal sex with (male and female)?

Would mind a night of passion with George Cluney something about him says fun! In his latest film he's always on the road and that reminds me of the guys I'd meet on my work travles. At the moment I've found myself strangely attracted to Lady Sovereign from Celebrity Big Brother. I think it's the CHAV factor! Is that odd?

8 - Have you ever had intimate photographs of you stolen or sent out without permission?

Yes, An ex put some pics of me naked on his bed across my whole school. At first it was the worst thing that had happened to me. Then I got a lot of guys asking me out on a dates. I ended up going from geek to gangstar and hanging out with the cool crew. I've been carefull when it comes to pics eversince.

9 - What is your favorite technique/position for masturbating?

You read my blog - you know I love my toys. It has to be on my back although in the shower is pretty good too.

and 10 - What is your fetish?

Ah I have a few. Feet, watching and juices are the main ones. Rachel took me out of my comfort zone so I've been keeping it simple the last few months.

It's not too late to ask your questions. Just send me a reply and I'll get back to you. Robin XX


Ciderboy said...

I missed what happened with Rachel - as it blogged about?

Advizor said...

Thanks for your wonderful answers, you are intriguing.