Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow fun....

I decided to make the effort and get into the office today. It's a long walk but I haven't started my gym session for 2010 and so I layered up and left the house with plenty of time to make it. Well at least I thought I had plenty of time. By the time I'd pushed cars off curbs and ice, helped people get into frozen locks, my usual 40mins walk had become 1.30mins. I needn't of worried though as only Gemma in accounts had been able to get in. The two of us were hardly going to run the whole company so I decided to have a coffee to warm up and then walk home.

Gemma said that her flat was literally five minutes walk from the office so we headed back for a cuppa. Her place was on the second floor of a pretty posh complex. Well furnished I knew accounts earned good money but there was a real touch of class about the place. Gemma even had her own coffee machine and she made me a cup so good I could have sworn it came from Italy!

We got chatting and of course it wasn't long before the subject swung round to guys and dating. Gemma has been single for 3 months. Her last relationship ended in a bit of a mess. I was telling her how I struggle for 3 hours and how I could never go 3 months without a shag. She laughed and said "well I haven't gone without sex Robin"

"Oh" I smiled. "What have you been up to then?" I enquired.

"Plenty of one night stands. God I think I'm addicted" she said with a smile.

Exchanging stories I started to feel that familiar tingle between my legs. I was starting to get turned on by the conversation and my mind was wandering at the possibilities. Gemma continued "I just love it when a guy cums in my hand, its the power I have over him. When they cum in me they have the power, when I make the cum then it's on my terms and I'm in control"

Gemma's dom side was really starting to press my buttons. I asked her is she preferred giving hand jobs to bjs and she went into all sorts of detail about the guys she'd been with of late and how she'd goten into the habit of giving them a good wank before letting them touch her.

I began to feel a little uneasy on her leather couch. Where had all this cum gone! The guys I've been with have never been a very good shot I thought.

Gemma's phone rang and she apologised and headed off into the kitchen. My pussy was throbbing and I wondered if Gemma wanted to see what it felt like to have a girl under her control. Gemma brought me crashing out of fantasy land. That was Craig "the office is open today and as he knows where I live we'd better get going." She said.

Talk about back to earth with a bump. "Is it alright if I use the loo before I go" I thought I'd make the most of her posh pad before I left and headed off to 'use the loo'. I hardly touched my clit when my first orgasm pushed through me. I got my breath back straighten up and walked back into the lounge. "We will have to do this again. I'd love to hear more of your stories" Gemma gushed as waited for the lift. Back in the office it was hardly worth being there. I did get to make a few calls and catch up on a few of those niggly little jobs while it was quiet though.

My walk home was a lot easier. The paths were clear and there wasn't much traffic so I didn't have to wait at the junctions which was nice. I couldn't wait to get in though and I sunk straight into a nice warm bath.... mmmm I've got Gemma's number maybe next time I'll get to see her in her bed rather than be on my own in her lavy! Robin :-)


Anonymous said...

So well described, I started getting the same tingling feeling,I wait in anticipation.


Hi Robin, as usual, a thought provoking ( and chubby producing) post!

Happy New Year!