Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Questions - Part 2

Bollox work can wait. Here's questions - Part 2.

Q: Do you dig public sex? If so, what's your most daring act? Kisses, - Amy

Yes I have a bit of a thing for public sex (and I'm not just talking alley behind pubs/clubs). I spent many an evening shagging in the park in my early 20's. Such a turn on! I tried to convince Jo that we should have a sesh in the snow. She wasn't having any of it. lol. I had sex in the woods last summer. Lots of ramblers all moaning that I was moaning to loud! lol

Q: If we ("the readership") wanted to meet Robin, how do we do this?

Watch this space. I'm thinking about setting up a meet Robin session. I've been told by my friends not too. But there's a niggling part of me that's really up for it!

Q: With what I've read on your blog (not all) I was wondering why you chose to follow mine?
ptathuk (Chastity Fantasies of an Obsessive Compulsive) P.S. Since curiosity is rumoured to be dangerous only to felines, I'm hoping I'll be safe in asking. :-))

I was checking out followers and found your site. Just thought I'd follow to see what the fantasies of an Chastity Obsessive Compulsive are about. It appealed to my kinky side too :-).

What happened with Rachel? Was she too perverse even for you?

Yes. Rachel was something else. As I said it makes me shiver! If you really really want to know and post enough Yes posts I guess I will tell you!

As I said keep the questions coming.. don't forget those yes posts! Robin X :-)


Ciderboy said...

Yes!!! I wanna know!!!

Good said...

yes I want to know

Scotty said...

Needless to say, when it comes to Rachel, I HAVE to know!!! ;-)

Advizor said...

The stories about Rachel are a must. For someone to have had such a deep impact on you (no pun intended) must have taken quite a bit.

When you are ready to tell us, we are ready to listen.

ianuk74 said...

I'd really love to hear the 'Rachel' story and how she persuaded you to go across your comfort zone. Even for a confident girl like you I find it amazing that this girl has taken you to a sexual place that you dont like to think of.

Were you the first girl she managed to perform her dark fantasies with?

I think we'd all love to know

Playm8 said...

Your blog makes for fascinating (and very arousing) reading. I'd love to learn more about you.

cali7219 said...

Are you into double penetrations ?
On the same place?

And the stories about Rachel are a must

Brandon said...

Yes, when you're ready to share.

George said...

I agree with Brandon and Advizor. I'm curious, but can wait till your up to it. I remember your post at the time sounded like something pretty creepy went down.

XxX LuchoPonx XxX said...

of course I want to know about rachel, I know that the story is going to be great.

How many guys do you think you can handle in one night? all at a time? or separate? and what is your record?