Monday, 18 January 2010

Over to you?

It's been a while since I invited some questions from you my happy followers. Any thing goes just reply to this post with your questions and I'll get back to you with the answers. Anything goes!!!

Over to you? Robin X


Advizor said...

I can't remember what I asked last time, so please forgive me if I repeat myself.

1 - Have you ever been disciplined at work for sexual activity?

2 - Have you ever had a sexual harassment complaint filed against you for your "enthusiasm" at work?

3 - What sexual experience do you regret the most?

4 - What is your technique for anal sex? What is your favorite position for anal play?

5 - Have you ever considered posting videos of yourself masturbating for your fans?

6 - Describe the perfect fuck? Have you experienced it yet?

7 - Which actress/model/singer/celebrity would you most want to have oral/vaginal/anal sex with (male and female)?

8 - Have you ever had intimate photographs of you stolen or sent out without permission?

9 - What is your favorite technique/position for masturbating?

and 10 - What is your fetish?

OK, 10 should be enough.....

Thanks for asking.

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...


Do you dig public sex? If so, what's your most daring act?


Anonymous said...
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Cold said...

How about:

Q: If we ("the readership") wanted to meet Robin, how do we do this?


ptathuk said...

Hi Robin,

With what I've read on your blog (not all) I was wondering why you chose to follow mine?

(Chastity Fantasies of an Obsessive Compulsive)

P.S. Since curiosity is rumoured to be dangerous only to felines, I'm hoping I'll be safe in asking. :-))

ianuk74 said...

What happened with Racheal? Was she too perverse even for you?

Andy said...

Do you consider yourself 50/50 bi? or do you lean slightly towards guys/girls?


The EurotikFührer said...

Hi Robin.
I'm enjoying your blog very much.
Nice to know that there's a female who enjoys the simple pleasure of amazing, intstant-gratification, always consistently satisfying high quality sex and intimacy just like me.

Like you, I love pleasure.
I love to fuck, very deep, very hard, very strong, and for a very, very long time.

The thing that made me actually leave you a comment was the fact that you were so brave to say "anything goes" in your request for comments.

So since I appreciated your blog, I wanted to show it by replying and asking my question.

My question is, would you like to have sex with me, and blog about it as one of your encounters with your readers?

This is the perfect opportunity to provide you with fresh material for your blog, and perhaps even an invitation to meet someone new who might satisfy your needs on a consistent basis moving forward, whenever you feel the urge to be satisfied in a real way.

Like you, I love the sex and am a grateful addict of this artform and sport called intimacy.

I've had more experience in my 26 years than some adult film stars might have in their lifetimes and for the love of this greatest pleasure of mine, I'd be interested in sampling your performance to compare our chemistry.

Based on your blogs, you sound like a really uninhibited girl with nice qualities and a deep passion for pleasure like me.

So let me know when you'll be free to arrange our introduction and plan our subsequent meetup for a good session of quality intercoursing.


PS. Some girls need to know history and details so I'll oblige as I have nothing to hide.

26 y.o. single New Yorker financial professional working in London.
11 inch cock, max stamina and duration with quality technique and skill to match the handsome, muscular and fit body-package.

I'd like to say kissing will be my best feature for you, but I put down a hell of a good fucking and pride myself on how I stroke like an artist, but endure like an athlete.

You've gotta feel it to believe it.
I just want to satisfy my curiosity by fucking a blogger who's also addicted and welcomes the invitation with "anythng goes"!

Looking forward to the next steps...