Monday, 25 January 2010


365! Days in the year and followers of my blog. Welcome one and all!

It's been crazy for the last few days they've all past in a bit of a blur. I went to Nicky's for the weekend. She's been bugging me for ages about going to stay so I called her up on Friday and drove up on Friday night. We had a good night on Friday just a bottle of wine between the two of us at hers. We dressed sexy and went to a crazy house party on Saturday night. 10hrs of drink music and partying hard. I've danced my feet sore! I woke up on Sunday tucked up in a double bed between Nicky and a buff guy called James. Yet again I have no idea what we got up too! All I know is that I could taste cock and my pussy had been well and truly seen too! I don't know what Nicky was doing there but her bf was nowhere to be seen!!! I hate it when I can't bring you all the sexy details. I'll have to make up for that later this week!

I'm still considering whether to tell more on my exploits with Rachel. I'm hoping not that it's not an anti climax! I'm sure it won't be. I'll try and find five tomorrow! Robin X


ianuk74 said...

I'd love to hear about Rachel, I am amazed at what this girl could have done to you to push you beyond your limits.

nottitang said...

Hi Robin...
It has been quite awhile since you last shared any nice photos of your adventures.

Care to look into that area ? :P
take care !