Saturday, 21 August 2010

Will you forgive me...... I've been busy!

I know I haven't been keeping my promise to post more. Hopefully you'll forgive me as I've been playing with my camera today. I thought this pic really summed up my mood! Horny :-)x


Geyser said...

Ha! Sorry's not enough precious. You've time to play with your sticky, pink pussy, you've time to give daddy some love.

Now go to the bathroom, shave your wet pussy silky smooth, come back, lie over daddy's knee, hands behind you, and take your spanking like a good girl!

Count each stinging blow, take your punishment bravely, and daddy will let you suck on his cock until your gagging on gobs and gobs of gushing, warm cream.

Fancy a little roll play on a lazy Saturday? Nice pic Robin!

Anonymous said...

Shaving? Please darling go for a wax or laser and be rid of that chore... or better yet allow me.... :-)

PorkStar said...

You are forgiven, but please comeback soon