Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Karl gets a bj!

Just walked in after being given a lift home from Karl. We pulled up outside my place and I insisted on saying thanks for my lift home. I unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. Sucking it hard it wasn't long before he was filling my mouth with hot cum!

I can still taste his juice on my lips... Just think of that guys.. It was only a 10min ride! But it was raining so I felt I should say thank you. Karl had been giving me the eye all night but the small tan line on his ring finger may have given him away! I wonder how he will explain being home late to his misses! God I love feeling that dirty. I'm off to bed but I don't plan on going to sleep! Robin XXX

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From the O-Zone said...

Can I... uhmm... drive you somewhere? Anywhere.