Monday, 30 August 2010

What a weekend!

I'm back to work tomorrow. But it's not all bad I've had a wet and wild weekend!

I went to stay with Kate for the weekend. I met here when I was away with work and she's been bugging me about going to stay for ages. I wish I'd gone earlier. If I'd know we were going to have so much fun I'd have gone sooner!

We went to the pub on Friday night. It was a fun evening! Kate's local was buzzing. I ended up getting friendly with a guy called Paul although he turned me down when I invited him back to Kate's his loss! Kate and I ended up in her bed! I couldn't keep my hands to myself and despite Kate putting up a little resistance it wasn't long before my tongue was buried in her pussy! I swung round and teased my pussy above her face. Her tongue jabbed against my pussy my juices running down into her mouth! I was so horny it wasn't long before I was orgasming hard on her face!

The following morning Kate flat mate Steph joined us. She had no reservations when it came to getting naked and jumped into bed with us! Gotta love her. Especially when her fingers started creeping up my thy and settled on my pussy. I think I surprised her how wet I was and the three of us spent the morning in bed!

The three of us headed into town for the afternoon for some serious retail therapy! I brought a little outfit for an evening out on the town! I treated Kate to a pair of shoes and Steph to a very skimpy bra and knicks. She promised me a show when we got home. Yes, we had to carry on shopping after that! We stopped at the pub for some dinner and back to Kate's to get ready!


Cunning_Linguist said...

omg, this sounded EXACTLY like the weekend I had! Well, substitute eating poptarts and running the chainsaw to a few trees that had to come down with all of the fun you had, and it's damn near identical! Life is crazy like that :P

Glad ya had a good time. Life's short, live loudly.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the turn down, but other than that sounds like a very fun and hot (and wet!) weekend, enjoyed reading about it.

Anonymous said...

Bi one, Get one three eh ;)