Saturday, 14 August 2010

Advizors Q's

You ask... I answer... Here goes!

1 - Have you ever considered going in to the sex trades for a living?

Yes. I've been along to watch them filming. But I chickened out on that occasion. It might be something I do in the future. If the money in my current job wasn't so good I'd love to do it!

2 - When alone, where is your favorite place to masturbate?

In my bed with all of my toys!

3 - What was your latest sexy purchase (clothes, toys, movie)?

I'm always buying underwear... But I brought some shoes last week that are oh so sexy!

4 - What sexual position is the most pleasurable for you and, if different, in what position can you cum the strongest.

I'm really into being on all four's doggy style seems to get me every time. I've cum the hardest when fucked in reverse cowgirl frigging my clit.

5 - If you were not allowed to climax during the encounter, what would you do to get your partner off? What if your partner was a woman?

I'd give him a deep throat bj... I've never had any complaints and I can guarantee that I'll get them off.... If my partner was a woman then it would have to be more oral or a toe job...

6 - Who is your current celebrity crush (male and female)?

Steve Jones and Cheryl Cole...

7 - Who, in your real life, would you most like to have sex with that you haven't already?

My 19 year of neighbour Karly... She's always watching me out of her window and I'm always watching her.... One day!

8 - Pick a team,
Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston
Werewolves (Jacob) or Vampires (Edward)

Angelina and Jennifer

9 - What is your least favorite sexual activity?

Ha... Cant think of one. I just love it! I could never do anything with poo though!

10 - Why don't you post more picture? This isn't just a plea for more, but a real question since you've posted a few, why not more?

I'll see what I can do. It's a time thing. I do have more I just don't have that long to update my blog!

10 questions is a lot, but since you asked..... No worries... Ask away!


Geyser said...
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Geyser said...

Yeah, the ladies love their toes sucked. Followed by marriage proposal at least once. Hummm, I have toes too. Must try that soon.

Geyser said...

Hey love, if you could do a charity porno with your choice of cast, who would they be (hummm, restricted to 10 might be in order here, given the size of your carnal appetites and all ;), and what cause would it be for?