Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ohhh Simon!

So last night was my follow up date with Simon. He arrived at mine at 8pm and yes he stayed the night. I'm now hobbling around my flat. Simon's massive meat has been well and truly beaten but I think it's beaten me!

I got home from work and jumped in the bath. Quick shave and my juices were already following my pussy had only just recovered from our encounter earlier in the week but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ready for round 2 with the monster.

I threw on a pair of joggers and had a quick tidy round. I didn't plan on showing Simon anywhere else other than my hall, bedroom and maybe the bathroom! The door bell rang at 8pm on the dot. Keen I like that. I showed Simon in took his bottle of wine and took him by the hand to take him up to my room. I sat him on the end of my bed and started taking off his clothes.

When Simon was sat in just his boxers I began to pull my clothes off. Turning around and dropping my joggers. Stepping out of them and pushing my bum into Simon's face. His tongue traced it's way up my thy and I heard him mutter something as it hit my wetness. His fingers sank into my hole as his tongue lapped away at my pussy jabbing it hard against my tight bum....

I pushed back so that Simon was on his back on my bed with my bum squashing down against his face. I pulled his boxers down and I unleashed the monster. It looked even bigger in my bedroom and as I rapped my fingers round the base and took the tip in my mouth I was salivating at the thought of the evening's sex we were about to have. Simon tongue was starting to hit the spot and my juices were pouring over his face.... I wasn't the only one juiced up Simon's cock was pouring with pre-cum.

I climbed off Simon's tongue and sunk down on his cock. Despite it's size it slid easily into my pussy. I started working a up a rhythm. Simon was groaning his face screwed up as I pounded his whole cock into my pussy. It was like sliding on a pole but it was really hitting the spot. It wasn't long before I felt the orgasm pushing up through my body.... I screamed out loud as I started orgasming on Simon's cock. My pussy spasming on his meat set him off and he unloaded a hot load of spunk deep inside me.

The rest of the night was much of the same. We tried out every position and time and time again Simon's beast worked it's magic. I think we eventually fell asleep around 4pm. I woke up this morning with Simon's cock pressing into my back.... Morning sex always does it for me so I reached down and wanked his cock to full stiffness before he took me from behind again. We showered dress and Simon left. I'm sat here with my clit buzzing and my pussy throbbing.... Thanks Simon. See you next week! Robin XXX


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Never mind Simon, Fuck a Fred ;)

Geyser said...

Limping much love? Rearrange your innards did he? Sounds like you had a big heaping helping of Simon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun I just like to leave him lying there and use every muscle I have to squeeze up and down his shafft and soak him. Sounds impressive any chance he would let you photo him?