Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Now I'd like to think I'm a women of the world! Come on I've seen my fair share of cocks. Short one's, fat one's, long one's, skinny one's but today, well today I saw the biggest fattest cock I've ever seen!?! It was a monster!

I went to lunch with some of our most important clients. The idea being that I'd be taking on a couple of new accounts. All very good. Carol my boss dug me in the ribs, that's Simon. The guy I told you about with the monster in his pants. That blew my mind.... Carol was limping round the office one day. I just assumed that she'd been pushing things in the gym. When I caught up with her over lunch she told me about Simon. She'd spent the weekend with him and well she was struggling to walk because his massive cock had spent the weekend in her pussy! The thought of a cock that big had me horny as hell and I'd had to sneak off to the ladies for a quick play.

Now I could look the owner of that monster in the eyes! It wasn't his eye's I was interested in looking into though! I wanted to see his meet! Was it as big as Carol had told me. Would it make me walk with a limp for two days. My mind snapped back into the room when Simon called "Robin, Robin - can I get you another drink?"

I just about stammered out of my fantasy "another glass of wine please Simon, can you make it a large one".

Carol's head nearly snapped of her shoulders - "Robin" she said in full on boss mode.

"What" said Simon. Can't a girl let herself go in her lunch hour. "I know you like a large one Carol" he said with a wink. Carol went a bright shade of pink and struggled to change the subject.

"I've heard that" I giggled.

"Little do you know" smiled Simon.

"I don't think little does it justice!" I laughed.

My flirting with Simon was going well although I needn't of worried. Simon handed me my drink leaning forward and whispered in my ear. 10 mins in the Gent's I know you're up for it!

10mins later I made my way to the Gent's pushed open the door... Simon was stood by the sink washing his hands. He held open a cubicle and guided me in. "I knew you'd come" he smiled.

"How?" I asked

Simon smiled... "Because you've been talking to Carol".

"Well I wanted to see if what she told me was true" I pulled on Simon's belt and unbuckled it. Popping open the button on his trosers and teasing down the zip. I pulled his trousers down round his knees. His cock pressed against the material of his boxers. It was big but not the biggest. I rubbed my hand against it. The damp circle on his boxers from the tip of his cock grew as his cock hardened. I tugged at the waste band of his boxers pulling them down. His cock sprung up hard and ready. I slowly wanked it, now it was big. No sorry it was massive!

All I had running through my mind was would this monster fit in my mouth? (yes it was that big). I spat on the tip and started working my hand faster and harder down it's length. Pre-cum was dribbling from the tip now so I pressed my lips against it. Stretching my mouth as wide as I could I slid his cock into my mouth. God this was big!

Simon moaned grabbing the back of my head and pushing his cock in my throat. Working his cock into my mouth I took him as deep as I could. Gagging slightly I was in a world of wonder. What would his cock feel like up me? I turned around lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down to my knees. Simon position his cock between my legs. Rubbing it against my dripping pussy. The fact I was so wet meant that despite it's girth Simon's cock slid right up my pussy.

Simon was in no mood to take things slow. Slamming me hard I was screaming away. He pulled my blouse up and unclasped my bra so he could play with my nipples. I didn't need any more encouragement as I unleashed a massive leg trembling orgasm on his cock. This set Simon off hammering a hot load deep in my pussy. I licked Simon's cock clean and even post cumming it was still massive! I dropped him a text and tried to straighten up. I say tried because after taking his cock I was more than a bit of a mess!

I headed back to the table. Carol winked. I see Simon got you a large on Robin, she said with a wink. I just smiled back as Simon came back to the table. I've arranged to meet him on Friday night. He's coming to mine!!! Robin :-)

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Did you limp the next day?